Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Lady GaGa

Hello guys, it's Seda from Turkey! September 16, 2014 was the best day of my life! I won a competiton from Twitter for the M&G. I had to get so many RTs to win 2 tickets for #artRAVEİstanbul and a meet&greet! So I tried my luck and tweeted then my friends(Monsters..,) helped me to win it! AND I fucking won it! I travelled to Istanbul for Artrave cause' i live in Ankara. The RAVE was awesome! Gaga's live performance was more than GREATSmiling face with heart-shaped eyesHeavy black heart️ I went to CONCERT with my sis& friends, we had really fun!! My M&G was after the Show. Therefore i was so excited!!! In Artrave Istanbul, there were no Artpop Zones.. so all of us(the people who met Lady Gaga) won competitions.. After the Show we met in the mid of the arena. We went to backstage with staff. Then we started to like as if we knew each other for years.. We saw Lady Starlight!! When my turn was come, I was so fucking excited AND blissfulSmiling face with smiling eyes when i entered to the tent(Yes it was a tent) SHE WAS BEYOND BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFULLoudly crying faceLoudly crying face first i told Gaga that i love her so much AND hugged her like very long then photographer took 2 pics, in first pic I just SMILED THEN I PUT MY PAWS UP AND So Gaga did it... Theeeeen I gave my ring to her!!! She surprised and immediately wore it& showed it to me!!!!!!! I was like OMFG!!!!!!! It was the very best day of my life!!! She was a real QUEENTwo heartsHeavy black heart️Ok hand sign..... After 1 month i realized that she was still wearing my ring in the photo which she put on insta with saying 'I may not be a real sultana...' Face screaming in fearFace screaming in fearFace screaming in fearFace screaming in fear It was a shock for me!!!! How humble she is, How hilarious How BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Still cant believe this happened to me..... I couldn't even image that!!! Just do not give up on your dreams, don't forget that we live in a world in which everything happens.. @SedaNick : (twitter)

Karl Pilkington

I’m a huge fan of Karl Pilkington’s series on TV, being An Idiot Abroad and The Moaning Of Life. I was looking online on Twitter and decided to check the official Moaning of Life page to see if there was any information on the last episode (which was postponed after the disaster in the Philippines) and to my surprise, I saw that Karl was having book signing at Waterstones, Piccadilly, London. I instantly ran to my brother who’s as big a fan as myself, and we made our plans ready for Saturday, November 23rd 3013.
We arrived very early, as it would be a first-come first-served queue. We waited for about 2 hours before we were right in front of the shop, at this point pretty cold without the ability to walk properly up the stairs to the top floor where Karl was signing. We were constantly saying we needed to get photos with him (originally, posed photos were not allowed) but everyone was doing it and when the time came, we were kindly helped by the staff, who took the photo for us! Karl was how I’d thought he’d be, not like on telly, but kind and happy to see so many people waiting in the cold just to say hello. As he signed my book he said “Alright, Taryll, how’s it goin?’ to which I replied “Great thanks, cheers for this!” (Of course I was a bit star struck and at the time you don’t really know what to say) – after the very brief chat I went to shake his hand, only it was the hand with the pen in, so we did a sort of hand switch ‘dance’ a few times (like what you do on the street when you try walking past someone and you both go the same direction) before we eventually shook hands! Quite the thing to happen when meeting someone as brilliant as Karl, really. Then my brother had his moment with him whilst the photo was taken.
Afterwards we walked out, with huge smiles on our faces talking about our special moment with Karl. The reason I love meeting people like that is because you and only you have that special moment that you remember forever, a very cool experience.
I hope to bump into him some day in London when I move up there, and say “Alright?” – until then, more TV series of Karl’s are to be made!
'The Moaning Of Life' will return to Sky 1 HD this year. Watch, if you have yet to discover the genius.
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Zoella Sugg

Ok so I found out Zoe was doing a book signing so I went to find them on her blog and clicked the link to get the tickets for my friends and I for Christmas and once we went straight after school. We waited in the cue for about 2 hours it wasn't that bad since the time just went past and when I got in the same room she was signing I started freaking out I felt my heart pounding against my chest and then when it was my turn I just stood there frozen and she said hello and how was j and I just felt so embarrassed since I was stuttering all my sentences and then she touched my hand and said thanks for coming and I was shaking so much and I gave my letter to her to her friend and my friend took a photo of Zöe and I but she was so nice, stunning and lovely and I left with my book signed and memory to remember

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They are absolutely incredibles
I was so nevous when I saw them in the first time
They are so cute with theis fans and We were waiting for months
The second time was in a sigh we didnt have a lot time but I could give them my drawings and omg was amazing and the third time was in a competition I had a m&g with my cousin there We could talk with them like 2min was the Best experience of my life :')

Matthew Lush (gaygod) and Nickalaws‏

Meeting Matt and Nick was so amazing! It was on November 23rd 2014 and I was at playlist-live tri-state in Secaucus NJ. I had signed up for their meetup months in advance so I knew I was meeting them but it never really hit me until I walked into the meetup and saw them standing there.  I waited for 3 hours outside in the freezing cold and when they lady finally let my row go up I was so excited and nervous I was shaking so much lol. But I got into the meetup and started freaking out. My heart was pounding. They were so tall omg haha. Well When I got up to them I ran to Them and gave them a huge hug each. I had drawn them so I had given them the drawings and they opened them and Nick didn't have a shirt on in the picture and matt was like "why are you naked?!" And they both laughed and it was so cute! And Nick had said that the picture was really good and it made me so happy that the people that I love and look up to said that my drawings were good! So I then took a picture with them and hugged them again :) I had forgotten to get them to sign my badge so I had to go back and get them to sign it haha but yeah. That was my experience meeting Matt and Nick and it's an experience I will never forget <3
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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Demi Lovato

I met Demi during her Demi World Tour in Montreal, on October 19th. It was my first ever meet and greet and I was really stressed and excited! I went worth my best friend and we waited in line for 3h before we could meet Demi. But once it was my turn, i forgot about all the waiting we had just done. Jill (her makeup artist) opened the curtain and there she was, my idol, standing across the room, looking like an angel. I stepped in and suddenly buried my face in my hands, shaking of joy. Something really weird happened after, her bodyguard (Sugar) stepped between me and Demi, to protect her. It got me really confused and I stopped moving. I felt like crying, he thought I was gonna hurt her, which i would never. I was standing few feets away, looking at Demi smiling, and Sugar.  I stayed there for about 15 sec, and calmed myself down, putting my hands back on my sides. Sugar stepped away, and gave me an approbation look. I then walked towards Demi, who welcomed me with open arms and a pretty smile. She said "Hi sweetheart, nice to meet you" and all I could think about was how pretty she was, literally perfect. So I answered saying "Omg you're so beautiful" it was stupid to say but she laughed and said "aww thank you". We took our picture and after she took my lower arms in her hands and looked me in the eye, she said "Thank you sweetheart, enjoy the show", I quitted saying "I will".

It was such an amazing experience, she was so sweet! I really hope I can meet her again! I wanted to tell you more things but I totally forgot, and time was short! Still, I regret nothing and for me, it was magical and perfect.

- Marianne,19, from Canada.

Darren Criss


My name is Karla and about two years ago, I was able to meet Darren Criss. I've been a of him for many years and when I got the chance to meet him, I took it immediately. Fox had announced that they would be having a Fox Fanfront event. Which would allow fans to see the cast of fox shows. During this event I was able to see the cast do many shows, such as the members of glee, which is what I was there for. Though the experience of it was very crazy, I got the chance to meet Jane Lynch and Darren Criss which was amazing! He was very nice and took pictures with most of the fans and told us that he was glad that we were here.