Olly Murs

I met Olly Murs on September 14, 2013. We found out he was coming to Ohio (where we live) when my mom came home and surprised us in the middle of the night by saying, "Guys Olly Murs is coming to Ohio tomorrow, I heard about it on the radio and there is a free meet and greet and little concert!!" We were so excited, so the next day we got photos of Olly for him to sign later and we took the mini day trip to go see him!

So it was at this little bar in Dayton, Ohio called Adobe Gilas and when we got there, there weren't many people, but there were a few die-hard fans with his merch on. My mom, my sister, and I were so excited because we were only about 10 feet from him the whole time! He did 3 or 4 of his new songs at the time, they were all upbeat and he was dancing the whole time, it was so fun! 
Afterwards there was a meet and greet for him to take pictures with all of us, so we all got in a line around the restaurant and this is when I met his backup people too. So we got up to the front and his manager said there would be no autographs, but then there was a miracle and Olly said, "Oh no! Give me those! I'll sign them!" So we thanked him and took a group photo together, and it was adorable. He then gave me a little kiss on the cheek after I hugged him. I was so infinitely happy at that point. He was still pretty sweaty from being on stage but he still smelled heavenly! We soon had to leave and it was pretty sad :(

BUT then, I realized when we got to the car that I had forgotten to give Olly the bracelet I had planned on giving him (It was a pink bracelet that said PRINCESS on it). So I went back into the bar by myself, and went to go find him. I couldn't find him anywhere so I asked the sound people that were packing up the cords and they said they didn't know where he was. Then one of them said, " Oh he's down there by that car." So I thanked them and ran down the stairs and out of the bar. I crossed the street and went over to him. He and his people were outside an ice cream shop enjoying their cones and when he saw me he smiled and waved. He said, "Oh hey you! How are you doing? Did you enjoy the show?" I told him the show was great, and that I was good. I refrained from being creepy, it was difficult. Then I asked him how his ice cream was and he smiled and said, "Oh gosh it's good." I gave him the bracelet and his face lit up and he we had a little laugh and said, "Am I a Princess now?" haha, he loved it! Then he asked me, "Do you wanna take another photo together?" Of course I said I would love to, so he stepped closer to me, taking my phone in one hand and juggling his wallet and ice cream and other things in his other hand (you can see all his stuff in our selfie). He took the great picture of us and when it said saved on the screen he went to my gallery and clicked on it and said, "Now that's a good one." He had on his fabulous smile and you can't tell on the picture but he smelled...so good. I can't even describe it. Then just as I was pulling away he snuck a quick kiss onto my cheek and I was probably blushing like crazy thinking, "Oh my god, I've been kissed by Olly Murs twice in one day!"

So we said our goodbyes, I ran back to find my family, who then went back to Olly to see him again. Hopefully we weren't bothering him at this point. But as soon as he saw me he was just like, "Oh you're back!" I took a cute photo of him and my little sister bear-hugging the heck out of him. Luckily he was looking straight at me, so it was a good picture. Also my mom got another hug, but I couldn't take the photo quick enough with my phone at the time. So then we said our...third set of goodbyes and we went off on our way. :) Best. Day. Ever.

Then to top it all off, he had another huge concert that night, and when I watched the video of it, he was still wearing the bracelet I gave him! Amazing!


Meeting Olly was possibly the best thing that's ever happened to me, so here's the story. Olly was doing a radio tour in October 2014, so I went to his final one in Guildford. In line, there where a lot of girls, and really mean girls at the front they where like YOU CANT SIT WITH US but that's another story. 

So we waited a few hours, checking his Twitter and all that, his manager or something like that came and told us all to line up, he said "One selfie per-person, no autographs!" He was moody. When we all lined up, I think I was possibly the most excitable person there. Obviously not. When Olly came out, a girl fainted... Literally fainted. On the ground. Fainted face first, onto the pavement. It was hilarious! I felt sorry for Olly, he was just like, what just happened? Is she alive? 

She was fine by the way. 

I was quite close to the front, so I got there quite quickly. Once the girl left in front of me I like attacked him. He laughed at me and said "Hi sweetheart, how are you?" My heart literally melted in my chest and THEN he goes and kisses my cheek! I seriously have no idea how I didn't freaking faint at that point! He takes my phone, takes the picture and kisses my cheek AGAIN. 

He says bye and I walk off not very willingly, just met my idol. 

30th of October 2014, 5 O'clock-ish. 

-Katie Coker.


It was 24th October 2014 and as usual I checked Olly Murs Twitter (what I do everyday) and I saw that he had tweeted announcing that he would be doing a Radio Tour during the following week. Also in the tweet he said which towns and cities he would be visiting but he didn't state what days or what times either. None the less, I was still excited and thrilled to read that Olly was going to be coming to Lincoln (which is about an hours drive away from where I live). As soon as I knew he was coming I knew I had to go and try to meet him because I am an avid fan of his and have been for the last 5 years. He is my world! Heavy black heart️ So I ran and told my Mum that he was coming and she said she would take me to see him as long as it wasn't on Monday as she had work all day. Then came Sunday night at around 8pm when Olly tweeted where he'd be going on his radio tour on Monday and amongst the list was 'Lincoln!!!' Of all the days!!! I was so disappointed but I really really really wanted to go!!!! I told my Mum and she said there was no way she could get me there and my Dad had plans for that day too which meant he was unable to take me so I thought there would be no way I was going to be able to go! 😕 

After about an hour I had a thought, I wonder if my Mums cousin would be able to take me. She's an avid fan of many celebrities and gets a buzz from meeting them so I thought she'd be the perfect person to ask. So I rang her straight away and luckily she had no plans and was thrilled to say yes and that she would take me! I was so happy and thankful to her! 

So, Monday came around and my Mums cousin and myself made our way to Lincs FM in Lincoln. We arrived there about 1 hour and a half before Olly was due to arrive so we waited outside the radio station, it seemed one of the longest waits ever!!! But finally Olly arrived and he looked GORGEOUS!!! He made his way into the radio station for his interview then after around about an hour Olly came out to meet his fans! He was polite to every single person and had time for everyone. He was eager to have pictures with everyone and sign autographs as well! He made his way towards me and said 'Hello Darlin, how are you?Thank you so much for coming down today, let me signed that for you (he signed my tour shirt which I was wearing) he then signed my 'promo leaflet' for me then cuddled up to me for a photo. He spoke to me as though he had known me all my life. He was kind, generous, had time for every one of his fans who had turned out to see him. He also gave me a kiss on the cheek and said 'Hopefully Ill see you soon on my next tour'. I have never met any other celebrity who is as kind, loving and caring for his fans. I am so happy, grateful and thankful to have had the chance to meet Olly and I hope that all fans of him get the chance to meet him one day because it is one of the best days of your life. A day to remember for sure! Smiling face with open mouth



10th November, 2011. So basically I went to meet him at Real Radio South Wales. I took the morning off school to make it possible and I went with two of my friends. We queued up outside at 9am so we had about an hour to wait. Eventually he turned up and spent some time with the fans closer to the car before doing his interview. We were given 'In Case You Didn't Know' flyers for him to come around and sign for us. Olly came back out and had pictures, signed stuff with people then came to us. I was last out of my friends recording the whole thing. He noticed me recording and waved to the camera and said "What's happening?" before taking my camera off me and giving it to my friends to have my picture with him. So I asked him to wish me a happy birthday for Sunday as it was my birthday then, and he said "Hope you have a great birthday Dannii" cos he asked for my name. Then he done the 'give me five, on the side, up above' thing and I was too slow. So he signed my flyer and I asked him for a hug and he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek :) It was well worth waiting, he's so lovely with his fans!! :)


It was the 31st March 2012.(The day before my 40th Birthday) I found out that morning that Olly was playing the Big Gig Girl Guides Concert at the LG Arena here in Birmingham. I had never Met him before even though i had supported him from the start. It was 9am and i asked my youngest son if he would come with me. He agreed, We grabbed our coats and ran to our nearest train station and got the train to Birmingham International. We finally found where all the stars were arriving and luckily there wasn't many people waiting (only about 20) We saw a few of the stars going inside. Olly sent a tweet saying that he was on his way to Birmingham and that he would be there soon. Even at my age my heart was pounding!! Then I saw the car coming towards us.Mark (Ollys Tour Manager) was driving and there was Olly in the passenger seat,He looked straight at me and smiled. He  got out the car and shouted down that he would be out in 5 mins. 5 mins turned out to be 30 minutes!! haha,But still he came out,as he walked towards us all my legs went weak,I was just about to meet my ToyBoy!!! :)  He worked his way from person to person signing autographs and having pictures.As i was next i grabbed hold of my 11 year old son,shaking like a leaf.He came tome and said hello i said sorry for looking a mess and asked him if he would sign a birthday card for me as it was my 40th the very next day,He smiled and said "Of course i will" We were talking for a while but alot of it is a blur i was in so much shock.My son took my picture with Olly,He then looked at my son Thomas and said "Would you like a picture mate?" As i was taking the picture of Thomas and Olly, I nearly dropped to the floor, Olly started singing Oh My Goodness to me!!!!!!! Only a few of the lyrics but he was still singing them to me. I can honestly say that i had the best birthday weekend EVER andi shall never forget it.

<3 Anne <3  


I found out Olly Murs was doing a album signing at HMV in Newcastle so me and a few friends went to Newcastle early in the morning on 30th November. HMV gave out free wristbands to go to the signing later that day, however there was a lot of pushing in the crowd to get the wristbands. At around 2pm people began to form a line outside HMV so me and my friends joined the queue. We were in the middle of the queue and the queue was massive so it took 4 hours until we could go and meet him. When it was my turn to meet Olly I started shaking uncontrollably because I actually adore him! He signed both my albums and I got a picture taken with him, we kissed each other and he thanked me for coming and called me a sweetheart. I honestly think he's one of the most friendliest celebs out there. 


I had entered a competition on the HMV website to meet Olly, and so did my friend Amber (she entered like 5 times haha!) and we had to wait and find out who the winners were.

I was sat at home, watching tele and I got a notification, it was an email from HMV, saying that I had WON tickets to meet him at HMV in London, Oxford street! I called Amber straight away, and as soon as I had told her, she started crying! Straight away we started making the plans, of how we'd get from Doncaster to London, where we were gonna park and what we were gonna do for the day before we met him..

Then finally came the day! The 24th of November! I woke up at half 6, excited and giddy! When we finally set off we didn't get to London till 1! We went shopping for a few hours before stand outside HMV at half 4! There were people who were there for the performance and the signing and people there just for the signing. I was there just for the signing but I honestly didn't mind! I was gonna meet Olly Murs!

When we were finally inside and queuing to meet him, I saw him and just burst into tears! I was so excited! Me, Amber and a few other girls decided we were gonna sing to him, because his album was on! Olly couldn't help but stand and smile at us!

Finally it was my turn to meet him, I was shaking because I was so nervous, but I didn't need to be, Olly is such a lovely guy, he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek then asked me if I were okay! He had to take the selfies because I couldn't! Haha! But those 30 seconds with him feel like forever! The drive from Doncaster to London was definitely worth it!


I met Olly Murs on the 9th August 2011. I had seen many advertsiments about Ollys radio tour and realised that he was coming to a station near me as a huge Olly fan i was so excited to finally meet my idol. On the day I turned up to my local radio station (96.4 eagle) when i got there i met up with some friends in the year above me who also love Olly. When i got there the atmostphere was amazing and i was buzzing, we were waiting for quite a while when a car pulled up everyone ran to the car and i realised it was Olly! as always he was wearing one of his lovely hats, and looked very smart in his stripy blue blazer. He walked up to the door and told everyone he would do pictures and autographs after his interview, It must of been a hour or and hour and half till we saw him again he walked down the stairs and everyone began to scream. As i was quite close to the door i was one of the first people to get a picture with him and his autograph, he even gave everyone a bit of a sing song. I now treasure the top he signed and have the picture of Olly and I on a canvas and a jumper. When i got home my top even spelt of him it was deffinatley by far the best day of my life :).

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