Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Matthew Lush (gaygod) and Nickalaws‏

Meeting Matt and Nick was so amazing! It was on November 23rd 2014 and I was at playlist-live tri-state in Secaucus NJ. I had signed up for their meetup months in advance so I knew I was meeting them but it never really hit me until I walked into the meetup and saw them standing there.  I waited for 3 hours outside in the freezing cold and when they lady finally let my row go up I was so excited and nervous I was shaking so much lol. But I got into the meetup and started freaking out. My heart was pounding. They were so tall omg haha. Well When I got up to them I ran to Them and gave them a huge hug each. I had drawn them so I had given them the drawings and they opened them and Nick didn't have a shirt on in the picture and matt was like "why are you naked?!" And they both laughed and it was so cute! And Nick had said that the picture was really good and it made me so happy that the people that I love and look up to said that my drawings were good! So I then took a picture with them and hugged them again :) I had forgotten to get them to sign my badge so I had to go back and get them to sign it haha but yeah. That was my experience meeting Matt and Nick and it's an experience I will never forget <3
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