Nicki Minaj

I had gone to Nicki's concert. After the concert I went to look after the place where Nicki came out. After half an hour searching I found it. 

When I was  at that point, I still have a few hours to wait. When she came outside, I asked her to sign my picture of her.  She signed it and normally she has to go. I have begged for a picture and she looked right into my eyes and say to a dancer who took the pictures-This Barb too, she's so cute! 

She grabbed my iPhone and gave it to the man and he pulled a photo. Then I gave her a hug and ran to my mother . I started crying because I was so happy that I had met Nicki Minaj.


I entered the HMV competition to meet nicki at her UK signing on a Saturday, the winners were announced on the Monday And Tuesday (16th April and 17th April) but unfortunately I didn’t win, I was all sad on the bus home and when I got home i just laid in bed not doing anything I was only sad because i wrote Nicki a letter and it took me 3 hours to write and 1 hour decorate and i thought “Great, now I can’t give it to Nic. ” well my mum booked a day off work for the signing but when we found out we didn’t win she contacted her boss on the Wednesday morning (18th April) if she can work that day. I was going to bed that Wednesday for school in the morning when I was so determined to meet nicki I typed on twitter “spare wristbands” and I found this tweet by @Rob206 that said “i have 2 spare wristbands to meet nicki minaj as i cant make it!” and after he tweeted it the tweet was up for 5 seconds already and I emailed him saying “please can i have those tickets to meet nicki, i am a really big fan!” and after hours of emailing each other he chose me -  it was about 12am when he chose me, so my mum emailed her boss to let her have a day off again and she said “yes” so I didn’t go into school that day, I rung HMV at 9o’clock to see if the wristbands have changed into my mums name but it hasn’t changed; I asked @Rob206 to ring HMV and confirm that he wants to change the name to mine. Robert said contact HMV at 12 so I did. Luckily it happened and the names were changed!

It was 2pm, Me and my mum was on the train to go to west London baring in mind the signing starts at 7:30 it was an hour journey from South East London (where i live.) we got to Whiteleys Shopping Centre at 3pm. There was about 10 people at HMV at that time, me and my mum started speaking to this man and his son while we was waiting and they was really nice! some how me and my mum ended up right at the front of the line! we became friendly with the bodyguards and they told us everything about where Nicki is and what entrance she was coming through. It was 5pm when it was time everyone in the line gets their wristbands, there was about 300 people there at that time. The line started out side so me and my mum and the people we met had to go in first and collect our wristbands and when I came out everyone was looking at me and I felt all happy! We had our own bodyguard so nobody pushes infront of us, we had to go the back of the line so everyone can get their wristband and we end up at the front again (the shopping center was in a circle so thats why we had to go to the back.) at 6:30 Nicki’s album started playing and EVERYONE was singing that point there was about 600 people singing! the atmosphere was immense it was weird how everyone around me loves nicki as much as me! anyway i was getting all tired because i lined up for 5 hours and the bodyguards said to me “When you see the main bodyguard disappear that’s when Nicki is here.” so about 7:20 I couldn’t see him and I was excited and it was 7:30 when the signing was supposed to start but Nicki was 30 minutes late but i didn’t really care. at 8:00 everyone was screaming and i saw Scaff Beezy and I started shaking really bad and then Nicki came out… I started to cry and shake even worse then Nicki went to the other side to take photos and I was nervous and I waved at SB and he waved back! I was all all teary then. Nicki turned round and saw me and waved at me, I couldn’t take it I was shaking soo much! she was about 2 meters away from me! the bodyguards were so angry at that point and I moved like 3cms and they all crowded around me, I was so scared then. 5 minutes later they called me over, i couldn’t speak, breathe or stand up! My idol, my inspiration was right infront of me. When she sat down she blew me a kiss! She said to me “Don’t cry come on don’t cry baby.” she was holding my hand like seriously NICKI MINAJ was holding my hand! she also said “what’s your name?” I said “Tommy” and then Nicki said “Come on Tommy come on!” It went so quick, I thought i was in a big black room with just me and nicki! my mum said to nicki “Nicki my son loves you so much! you’re his idol!” nicki, being a good person and being more concerned about a fan, still had my hand in hers and looked at me and said “Aw Thank You!” she signed my albums and took my letter (I Think.) she asked me if i wanted a photo and i screamed YES! and then the bodyguard pushed me and shouted NO! I was so sad that I couldn’t have a photo, Nicki reached her hand out for me and I reached mine out as I was being pushed away. As I was the first person to meet her I went down the stairs and about 800 people all looked at me and said “AWW” That’s it, I met my idol. My life is finally complete.

The next day, a girl tweeted me telling me I am on HMV’s facebook and I didn’t believe it and I actually was! best day ever! Words cannot describe this story, I am extremely lucky and grateful, it still brings me goosebumps thinking about it! Well I meet my love, my idol, my everything and my inspiration. 

Nicki Minaj, I Love You. 19th April 2012<3

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