Friday, 3 August 2012

One Direction

okay guys so this is my one direction experience asdfghjkl okay so i got ultimate with my best friend Cindy and basically we'd been counting down since 100 days and so today we were just dying. so whatever i got to the venue like at 2:15 and she was already there so we met up inside and talked to some random people (im very sociable, we talked to everyone within 3 feet of us lol) so we check in and we get our tickets and we had front row and we started screaming and we teared up a little bit and then stix talked a bit. then we got led inside directly in front of the transparent doors in the front and stix did the raffles. finally like at 4 we got seperated in UVIP and regular for soundcheck. we got in line and when we were inside we were lietrally front row straight in the middle. so the band came out and sandy waved at me and jon smiled at me and they were just practicing. but EVERYONE kept screaming josh's name and he wouldnt pay attention to any of them so i was freaking out cause i had gotten him a shirt for his birthday thats soon, and i really wanted to give it to him, but i didnt know how, so the girl next to me was like just yell at him that you have a birthday present for him when i gets quiet so for a while people kept yelling a josh (everyone was sitting down btw, stix was pretyy strict on that) and so i go JOSH I HAVE AN EARLYBIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR YOU and when he heard the words birthday present he looked up from the drums looking for my voice and Cindy and the girls around me were yellig and pointing at me so he came down one step and was motioning me to throw it and i told him to get closer and so he got off the drum setting and i stood up and we were about 10 feet of each other and i threw it at him and he went and sat back down at the drums, opened it and started laughing super hard and he was pointing me out to Jon and Sandy and Dan and they were al looking at me laughing and then he read the letter (which was just a happy birthday card with my twitter) and he looked up gave me thumbs up, winked, and put the letter in his pocket. so then everyone was yelling at him to put it on and he did and then he looked at me again and winked. finally like 3 minutes after the boys came out. Niall was in a tank with the heat snapback, liam had just socks, louis had bare feet, and harry and zayn were just there. so they sang use somebody moments and more than this, but they were literally laughing so hard thtoughtout all 3 songs they hardly sung. and then they came down and sat on the ramps/steps below the speakers, and Harry and Liam were 4 feet away from us, no lie. so they were going around the microphone, but i go harry me gusta tu watch and he did his confused face and cindy goes it means i like and he goes ohhhh and i was like yeah spanish lesson for you and hes like well i am in Miami and then someone was like what would be your rapper names and i go liam nothing naughty and he laughed and he was like sorry and then later i was like harry do your cheeky smile and he was like what? and i was like your cheeky smile! and he did this weird smile but then me and cindy laughed at him so he smiled forreal. then i was like guys do the chicken dance but only zayn heard me and he did it but i missed it and cindy goes paola you missed it! and i look at him and i go zayn you did it?! and he just nodded. he was super quiet during soundcheck, idk why. and then when they were about to leave i was like liam i have a teddy bear for you and it was a super mini one that when you squeezed it said i love you and he was like yeah babe throw it to me so i did but he dropped it and he gave me this puppy face with a pout and i was like Liam! and he was like babe im so sorry and he did a sad face so that made up for it. so then the boys left and we got in line for the m&g. we were about straight in the middle of the line outside a little room and paul walked by and everyone freaked out and i just smiled and yelled paul and put a hand up for a high five and he high fived me and ignored everyone else lol. so then we were brought inside and i wasnt nervous really, i just had so many butterflies in my stomach, because i wanted to hug Niall so bad. so then we were in line and Andy was like escorting us and we had like a full blown conervsation with him, talking about his wife and his baby and the twitter made for his baby lol, he was honestly so kind. so finally it was our turn and i ran to Niall with my arms open and he opened his arms and squeezed me and we held each other for about 5 seconds. he let me go and i was like Niall can i wear your snapback for the picture and he was like sure babe and put it on me then messeed with his hair and he was like does it look okay? and i was like yeah it looks fine and i smiled and he goes you have my hat but no ghetto and i crossed my arms and did like a pouty wanna be ghetto face and he was like mofo g and i was like yeaah mofo g for the horan! and he laughed super hard and hugged me again. so then we posed for the picture and Liam was on my other side and i put my arm around him and we made eye contact and smiled at each other real quick. then stix was like wait lets take another one and i looked over at zayn who was next to liam and i go stick your tounge out and he was like what and i repeated it and stared at him till he did and then i yelled out funny picture guys and i felt niall shift and then stix was like wait the camera's not workking!! so we got to hold the guys for an extra 10 seconds asdfghjkl; and then he took it and i looked at Niall and i was like can i have a kiss please and he was like of course and he bent down but i kinda moved my head so he ended up kissing half of my lip and he took the hat off my head and i was just like holy shit what and i go bye liam and hug him super quick and we were walking out but i was like shit i didnt even touch louis so i ran back super quick and kissed him like where niall kissed me and he was like bye babe and paul escorted me out and when i got outside everyone in line was like omg omg omg so i broke down crying lol


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