One Direction

I met the boys in mexico city.. June the 5th, and this is the story:

I'm not from México city, I'm from Monterrey (northern of mexico) is actually the 2nd or 3rd biggest city in mexico so most of the celebs when come to mexico come to monterrey too.. we (me and monterrey's directioners) were expecting 1D to come too, even the company who organize concerts in mexico tweeted the same day that they announce the fist date in mexico that you were coming to our city too but they deleted. But we had kind of hope that they open a date in our city, Well, then weeks before the concert in mexico I was too depressed because it was 1D first time ever in mexico and latin america and I was not going.. then I entered to some contest in the radio and stuff.. then 3 days before the concert I entered to a sony music contest, I was supposed to sent a pick up line to 1D and the reasons why I would deserve to meet the boys, I wrote too much in there like I was too proud of the boys, that I didn't expected them to become this famous in mexico like this quickly.. that it was my biggest dream in life, etc.. then A DAY before the concert they called me and said that I won a m&g pass I was shaking, crying of the happiness because it was my biggest dream, I convice my mom and bought flight tickets the day of the concert I flew to mexico city and in the airport someone re-selled me a concert ticket so my dream was complete I was going to meet the boys + see them live! I met lots of directioners in the airport and outside the venue too! I can easily say that it was the best day of my life!! I hugged Zayn, Louis and Harry waved to me, Liam said un sacapuntas (that means 'a sharpener' in spanish.. it's like his favorite spanish word) to me and had good eye contact with Niall. I had some gifts, letters and papers with my twitter username (@jessleal7) to the boys but unfortunately security told me to not give it to them.. then in the night the concert was too amazing!! 
and that's all :) xx


I'm use everyone knows about the Bring1DToUs contests and what not, so I won't go into detail about those :) 
SO Dallas won, and the location was changed and all kinds of drama. The wristbands were a huge source of problems, since there was a lot of girls who snuck into the mall to get them before everyone else who was waiting in a huge line, but even through all that My friends and I ended up getting them. I wasn't even in town, but Amy (the same friend from the Ed story) is amazing and got wristbands for me and my sister. So I came up with the most genius idea that we were gonna make each of the boys buildabears and give them to them. We tried to model the bears after them, like Liam's bear was dressed up like Woody, and Hazza's bear was a cat. My Niall bear was a special edition St. Patty's day bear, and it was green and had plaid paws with shamrocks on them! :) Amy got Zayn a blue Rangers snapback and I got Niall a red one! We also had posters that we made (I made an irish flag collage and wrote my twitter design and put my picture on the back, and we had a british flag one with all our pictures and twitters on the back. I think that was given to Harry.) But we had won a four song set, and a signing. SO we wanted to give the boys this stuff cause we love them, dahhhh :) 
 We got to the venue(Which was a baseball stadium thingy) at 2 in the morning the day of the event. We weren't gonna be let in until 1 the next day, so we had a lot of waiting to do. We had lots of fun adventures then, like partying in Walmart and running for donuts at 5 in the morning, and not having to pay the cute parking lot boy because we were cute and had donuts) :) 
SO anywhooo. We waited the whole day, and I ended up getting to sing "One Thing" for a documentary or something that the boys were making, and answered some questions, and I asked Niall to marry me, you know, standard :) 
Then, we were let into the park. It took FOREVER for everyone to get in, cause there was over 2000 people! After we got in, we got seats, ours were center stage about 8 or 9 rows up <3 Amazing. So we got to hear them do an interview and sing WMYB, One Thing, Up All Night, and More Than This, then they walked out to get ready for the signing. It was really awesome cause  a ton of us started singing Torn to them when they were walking across a walkway and they were smiling SO BIG. Then we started waiting for the signing. I'm not totally sure how long it took, cause fit was a big blur from concert to the signing, I just know it took FOREVER. When we finally got close to the door, I was freaking the hell out. Amy was right in front of me, and my little sister was behind me. We walked in, and I saw Liam looking adorable as usual, and I shouted Hi at him about 5 times before he looked up, smiled at me and goes, "Oh, hi babe!" I freaked out so much after that that I didn't say a single word to Louis, Zayn or Harry, I just kind of looked at them. (SO BEAUTIFUL) Then Niall was last, and I handed him the box full of stuff and he smiled and goes "Shit! Is all this for me?" And I just nodded, cause I mean, he is so perfect. And he was wearing a snapback and unf. Then, he basically shouts at me (After he sees all of it, and takes the bear out of the box and has it just chilling in front of him." "This is SICK babe!" I was like "thanks..." (Still freaking out) Then, Niall, being the cutest thing on the planet, takes the little tiny sunglasses off the bear and puts them on his face, and wiggled his eyebrows and looking at me, I was just laughing, and finally I could speak, I said, "I think those are  a little small for you." (and my little sister who hadn't talked at all, was standing there and goes, "Those aren't for you, you tard" Yes... my sister called Niall a tard.) HE just kinda laughed about it and goes, "I think you're right babe!" And took them off, then I asked if I could get a picture, and he let me, it's pretty blurry cause I was shaking, but it's still awesome! Then we waited outside for a little bit for some girls that we'd met that day, and Paul walked by and I got his attention and gave him a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" sticker and asked if he'd wear it, but he shook his head and laughed and said he probably wouldn't! But yep! That's my story :) 

It is with my meet with One Direction that I wanted to share with you. I met them at the London Film Premiere of The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader back in 2010.

It was weeks before the Grand X Factor and 1D were the same everyone was talking they do til this day!

As I was walking the red carpet I was introduced to Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam by a SKY Movies producer friend and as I was interviewing for ITV2 that night, I had a great chat with the guys!

What took me by surprise was just how good they were already with the media! You could tell early on that they would be a great success. I even told them they would be a gloval success to which Niall laughed and Harry said "We would love to win the show", before Zayn added "It has been a experience for us".

One Direction who came third in The X Factor later invited me to the Wrap Party for the hit ITV show afew weeks later!

It was one of these fun VIP events where you had to be!! I invited along fellow X Factor contestant John Adeleye and Peter Dickson (X Factor voiceover man).

Stars on the night who attended included Louis Walsh, Cher Lloyd, Aiden Grimshaw, Rebecca Ferguson and Matt Cardle.

Half way during the night when the VT played a link from Simon Cowell I bumped in to the boys and secretly I was over the moon that they had remembered me from afew weeks before on the red carpet..they must have met thousands of people during that time.

Since then I have attended many events with them,booked them out for private functions etc.

Meeting celebs can be a very rewarding hobby for anyone though for me, it's one of the best parts of my job being a showbiz reporter and journalist.


I have been a fan of 1D since they were first shown on TV on the X-Factor back in 2010 and have always wanted to meet them. I have tried so many times to meet them, but never have met them. 

In February of this year I heard that Harry Styles was at home in Holmes Chapel and I really wanted to go down and try and meet him. Because it was snowing and pitch black outside I thought not many fans would be there, so me and my 2 friends took the chance and went down to Holmes Chapel. We only live 10 minutes from his house, so it didnt take long to get there. 
We got to his house at just after half 5ish and were stood waiting just besides his house. We waited til just before 7 and thought about leaving as we didnt see any sign of Harry. We then saw his Black Range Rover go round the back of his house, so we ran after the car, down the little back lane. By the time we got there he was just jumping over his back garden fence and heading into his kitchen. We could see him stood in the kitchen and so I shouted "Harry" and he waved at us. We then headed around the front where a Taxi was waiting for him and his family as they were going out to Rosso in Manchester for Harry's Birthday meal. While we were waiting round the front his stepdad, Robin, came out and spoke to us all saying not to scream when Harry came out. It got to around 7:15pm and Harry walked out the house and down the drive, followed by his family. He didnt have time for pictures or anything as he was already running late for the taxi, so I walked infront of him and asked for a hug and he said yes! Then while I was hugging him I said, "I love you" and he then said "I love you too".  He then headed towards the taxi. All of his family were so lovely to all the fans too. Even though we only were with him for a minute it was amazing and Harry was so Lovely. 
We then headed back to the car to go home, then while we were heading home Harrys taxi was following us for a bit! I was in complete shock that I had just met Harry Styles, and that he was in the Car behind us!! 

My auntie had got me XFactor Tour tickets for Christmas because i was a big fan of Cher Lloyd and One Direction. The concert was on the 8th of April 2011 in Cardiff. i went to the concert with my mum, auntie and my little cousin. When we got to the arena we bought our merchandise and tour programs. After that, we went to our seats. We had got there early and on the big screen was a competition where you had to text the correct answer to the question. The question was 'Who was One Directions mentor? a) Louis b)Simon c) Cheryl' My mum text 'B Simon@ about 5 times and i text it myself once. Throughout the show i checked my phone and i had 2 text messages, one was from 'XFactor2011' and the other was from a mobile number i did not know. they both said the same thing .. 'congratulations you are the winner of the competition, please come to the right hand side of the stage at the end of one Direction Kids in America to meet Gavin'. i was so excited! When One direction started singing kids in america we all ran down to the stage where we met the tour manager Gavin :) he took me backstage with my mum, auntie and cousin to meet everyone! First was Mary Byrne, she was lovely but mainly spoke to my mum and auntie! that day i had bought her CD for my nan so i asked her to sign it for my nan, she was over the moon that we had got her CD and signed it for us. One Direction came off stage and came straight over. They went to my auntie and mum first and they all shook hands, they then went over to my little cousin and did this hand shake thing. Harry came to me first, wrapped his arms around me and gave me a kiss on the lips! Louis was next, he too gave me a hug and a kiss, as did Niall! Zayn and Liam only gave me hugs, but it was Amazing. Cher came straight over to me and we spoke for ages and she signed my phone case and my ipod. All the others were nice too but they were the main ones really! Matt Cardle was soo cute. He was really quiet and seemed quite shy! As i had won the competition i was given a free prgoram which everyone signed for me! Before i left, i asked them all to follow me on twitter and we had a huge group photo! Cher Lloyd was the only one who actually did follow me. It was a really good day and im gratefull that i was lucky enough for the opportunity :) 

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okay guys so this is my one direction experience asdfghjkl okay so i got ultimate with my best friend Cindy and basically we'd been counting down since 100 days and so today we were just dying. so whatever i got to the venue like at 2:15 and she was already there so we met up inside and talked to some random people (im very sociable, we talked to everyone within 3 feet of us lol) so we check in and we get our tickets and we had front row and we started screaming and we teared up a little bit and then stix talked a bit. then we got led inside directly in front of the transparent doors in the front and stix did the raffles. finally like at 4 we got seperated in UVIP and regular for soundcheck. we got in line and when we were inside we were lietrally front row straight in the middle. so the band came out and sandy waved at me and jon smiled at me and they were just practicing. but EVERYONE kept screaming josh's name and he wouldnt pay attention to any of them so i was freaking out cause i had gotten him a shirt for his birthday thats soon, and i really wanted to give it to him, but i didnt know how, so the girl next to me was like just yell at him that you have a birthday present for him when i gets quiet so for a while people kept yelling a josh (everyone was sitting down btw, stix was pretyy strict on that) and so i go JOSH I HAVE AN EARLYBIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR YOU and when he heard the words birthday present he looked up from the drums looking for my voice and Cindy and the girls around me were yellig and pointing at me so he came down one step and was motioning me to throw it and i told him to get closer and so he got off the drum setting and i stood up and we were about 10 feet of each other and i threw it at him and he went and sat back down at the drums, opened it and started laughing super hard and he was pointing me out to Jon and Sandy and Dan and they were al looking at me laughing and then he read the letter (which was just a happy birthday card with my twitter) and he looked up gave me thumbs up, winked, and put the letter in his pocket. so then everyone was yelling at him to put it on and he did and then he looked at me again and winked. finally like 3 minutes after the boys came out. Niall was in a tank with the heat snapback, liam had just socks, louis had bare feet, and harry and zayn were just there. so they sang use somebody moments and more than this, but they were literally laughing so hard thtoughtout all 3 songs they hardly sung. and then they came down and sat on the ramps/steps below the speakers, and Harry and Liam were 4 feet away from us, no lie. so they were going around the microphone, but i go harry me gusta tu watch and he did his confused face and cindy goes it means i like and he goes ohhhh and i was like yeah spanish lesson for you and hes like well i am in Miami and then someone was like what would be your rapper names and i go liam nothing naughty and he laughed and he was like sorry and then later i was like harry do your cheeky smile and he was like what? and i was like your cheeky smile! and he did this weird smile but then me and cindy laughed at him so he smiled forreal. then i was like guys do the chicken dance but only zayn heard me and he did it but i missed it and cindy goes paola you missed it! and i look at him and i go zayn you did it?! and he just nodded. he was super quiet during soundcheck, idk why. and then when they were about to leave i was like liam i have a teddy bear for you and it was a super mini one that when you squeezed it said i love you and he was like yeah babe throw it to me so i did but he dropped it and he gave me this puppy face with a pout and i was like Liam! and he was like babe im so sorry and he did a sad face so that made up for it. so then the boys left and we got in line for the m&g. we were about straight in the middle of the line outside a little room and paul walked by and everyone freaked out and i just smiled and yelled paul and put a hand up for a high five and he high fived me and ignored everyone else lol. so then we were brought inside and i wasnt nervous really, i just had so many butterflies in my stomach, because i wanted to hug Niall so bad. so then we were in line and Andy was like escorting us and we had like a full blown conervsation with him, talking about his wife and his baby and the twitter made for his baby lol, he was honestly so kind. so finally it was our turn and i ran to Niall with my arms open and he opened his arms and squeezed me and we held each other for about 5 seconds. he let me go and i was like Niall can i wear your snapback for the picture and he was like sure babe and put it on me then messeed with his hair and he was like does it look okay? and i was like yeah it looks fine and i smiled and he goes you have my hat but no ghetto and i crossed my arms and did like a pouty wanna be ghetto face and he was like mofo g and i was like yeaah mofo g for the horan! and he laughed super hard and hugged me again. so then we posed for the picture and Liam was on my other side and i put my arm around him and we made eye contact and smiled at each other real quick. then stix was like wait lets take another one and i looked over at zayn who was next to liam and i go stick your tounge out and he was like what and i repeated it and stared at him till he did and then i yelled out funny picture guys and i felt niall shift and then stix was like wait the camera's not workking!! so we got to hold the guys for an extra 10 seconds asdfghjkl; and then he took it and i looked at Niall and i was like can i have a kiss please and he was like of course and he bent down but i kinda moved my head so he ended up kissing half of my lip and he took the hat off my head and i was just like holy shit what and i go bye liam and hug him super quick and we were walking out but i was like shit i didnt even touch louis so i ran back super quick and kissed him like where niall kissed me and he was like bye babe and paul escorted me out and when i got outside everyone in line was like omg omg omg so i broke down crying lol


Hi! My name is Jessica and I'm 15 years old, a directioner from New York City. I remember when I heard via twitter that One Direction was scheduled to do a performance for the Today Show in New York City, I absolutely flipped out and was so overwhelmed over the news and since this was there first time coming to the states and to where I live, I couldn't get over it and I had took the opportunity to go watch them perform in a heartbeat. I didn't even question it , immediately , without a second thought I said 'I'm going to camp out to be the first and get the best spot to see them perform' as if it wasn't even an option. So I got ready, packed all my things to camp out. Their performance actually wasn't until March, 12. But I was planning far ahead and determined to have the best spot and arrive a few days in advance for the best view in concert. I started camping out on March , 10 in the evening, 2 days in advance. I managed to make the second person on the line , which was an unbelievably huge accomplishment I was proud of. So I spent 2 days, listening to music, sleeping, eating, passing the times in my daydreams on the streets and sidewalks of new york anxiously awaiting March, 12, the day where I finally get to watch my idols perform. I was honestly only expecting to see them perform, but what happened next exceeded all my expectations. I always do anything it takes and put all my effort into making my dreams a reality, it actually paid off without me even expecting or anticipating what was going to happen next, I genuinely had no idea, not a clue, that my dream was about to come true. I didn't see it coming, at all. The second day of camping out on March , 11 is when everything occured. There still wasn't too many people lined up and camping out just yet, probably around 30 or so, but obviously the line had gotton noticeably larger. Around 1:00pm in the afternoon, I was distracted, sitting on the concrete floor in a blanket,  browsing the internet on my iphone. Suddenly , a large black van with tinted glass pulls up in front of the sidewalk directly in front of me and security crowds around the van and says 'They're here!' , suddenly, I feel my heart drop to my stomach and my hands begin to shake because I could feel them arriving. It was honestly such a surprise that nobody saw coming at all, it was a well kept secret and it's amazing I didn't pass out due to the amount of excitement and overwhelming thoughts swirling in my brain at that moment. They were literally right in front of me. so I stand up and grab my camera to capture this moment, a dream about to come true. And a few seconds later, the five most flawless and perfect human beings slowly begin walking directly towards me and they manage to make direct eye contact with me! It's honestly so shocking to think I managed to survive past the glorious, miraculous, unexpected moment. Louis shouts 'WE BRING FOOD!' and Niall whispers and giggles 'foooood, we bring!' . They actually even brought us snacks, sunchips, and granola bars we could munch on while we're camping out, That was just so unbelieveably thoughtful of them . They personally gave us snacks and I had a bit of a moment with each of the boys and it was very special. I got to each of them individually, get a picture with each of them , and also thank them all for being so flawless. I adored the fact that  I had such a rare opportunity to meet the boys so calmy, instead of them being rushed . It was so sweet and they had a personal connection with each of the fans invidually. I doubt any other celebrity cares so deeply about their fans to hand-deliver them snacks to make sure they survive the night of camping. They are all incredible and have such big hearts, they're down to earth and humble and it felt as if they were my friends I knew for a long time instead of meeting somebody famous.  I'm blessed and I couldn't have possibly asked for a better experience. It was a dream come true. 

My twitter is @xojessicatorres

We actually met all of the boys on June 2nd at their book signing at Old Orchard Mall in Skokie, Illinois. For some reason they decided to eat right when it was my turn to get my book signed so Sophie and I got to stand next to Harry for a LONG time. I'm talking like eight minutes or so. He asked us if we were alright a couple times and Zayne did the same. They were all really nice for the .3 seconds I spent with them haha. We then went to their concert that night and had 2nd row seats surprisingly and the boys waved at us during the show a lot (at least we like to think so). Then, on June 5th my friend Sydney who lives close to Rosemont heard that the boys were staying at the Intercontinental hotel in Rosemont (they stayed here back in February), so Sophie and I picked her up and drove out there. There were about 20-30 other girls at the hotel, some of whom had met the boys earlier when they were out and were hoping to get one last glimpse of them at the hotel. This was around 6 PM. With no sign of the boys by about 10:00 PM, we began walking around the hotel to see if maybe we could see them at another entrance, by this time there were maybe 8 girls left. Also by this time, my friend Annabelle had actually come to try and meet them and Sydney decided to go home. Annabelle had actually stayed in the hotel the previous night and got to meet Josh while in the hotel. Their entire floor (the 12th) was not allowed to be entered. We were just about to give up when a worker at the hotel told us the boys had gone to the movies, but we didn't really believe that so we decided to call it a night. Even though I made him swear on the bible, we still were a little skeptical.

On the way to the car we met two other girls, Allison and Alex who had also heard they went to the movies at Muvico which was about a 3 minute walk from the car. So, we figured we might as well check it out. The Allison, Alex, Sophie and Annabelle decided that I should go into the theater because I'm good at finding people (haha) so by process of elimination we decided that I should sneak into the Avengers movie. I bought a ticket to the Dictator, and stealthily slipped into the Avengers theater. There were about 20 teenaged girls on the opposite side of the theater obviously trying to find them, but they never came over. I sat towards the front of the theater because everyone else was in the back and I'm really awkward so I just sat away from everyone. My friend Sydney then sent me a picture of Niall with a fan that she found on tumblr IN MUVICO. So I figured might as well move closer because for all I know they could have left and I could be sitting there for nothing. So I moved a little closer and a boy wearing a gray hood slid further down into his seat. So I was like 85% sure it was them at that point. I get the boys' tweets sent to my phone and Niall kept tweeting about being in Mexico (maybe to throw us off?) while in the theater, so I assumed it was them because no one else would be on their phone in a movie (haha). The two girls we met in the parking lot, Allison and Alex also joined me in the theater as well. Sophie called me to figure out what exit she and Annabelle (my two friends) should go to, so I went in the hall to talk to her and thats where I first met Zayn. He simply said Hi, and went to the restroom. Paul soon after came out and told us the boys were on their day off and wouldn't be doing pictures. By this time, Sydney had returned with my friend Jade and her little sisters as well. So we waited until the movie was over and said hi to all of the boys (excluding Harry because he was at the hotel). It was about midnight so the theater was completely cleared out. Paul and Andy asked us to wait outside while Louis, Liam, and their friend went to the arcade. So we did what we were told and waited outside and Niall came out and began to talk to us! Before filming my friends little sister (the one I told to "use her cuteness") got a picture with Zayn and he talked to her for a bit.

I am new to all of the One Direction fandom so I'm not familiar with their personalities other than a few videos I've seen here and there so by judging Niall on that night, I would say he's a pretty odd character. But apparently that's normal for Niall (haha). I'm a pretty shy person so I didn't talk to him directly but my friends did and he seemed very nice. Louis, Liam, Zayn, and their friend (I still don't know who it was haha) were all very nice when they came out at the end of the video they all said bye to us, and that was it! I think we all stayed calm because for starters we're all either in college, or entering college this fall so I definitely think that played a large part in it. My friend told her littler sister(s) to not freak out because no one wants to have screaming girls in their face haha. Also, I think we can all agree that it's just weird when people freak out over band members. It's not praised and it certainly annoys them. I definitely appreciate Niall, and Zayn taking time out for us because their lives are truly demanding, and again, this was their night off. 

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When I found out One Direction was staying at a hotel near where I live in New York City, I was so happy because I really wanted to meet my favorite boy band. As soon as the weekend rolled around, my cousin and I took the train to 59th street and walked our way to the boy’s hotel.  I arrived in front of the boy’s hotel at about 9:00 in the morning, so there weren’t that many girls waiting in the front of the hotel, there were only about 10 girls, but there were about 20 girls waiting outside the back of the hotel. When my cousin and I arrived in the front of the hotel, we were greeted by these groups of girls who stayed over night and slept on the streets in front of the hotel and shared there stories of when they got a glimpse of the boy’s last night. We were discussing weather or not we should be waiting for the boys because they could come through either the main entrance or the back entrance so we decided to go wait outside the back entrance since that’s where the boys mostly exit out of the hotel. 

It had been about three hours, and there was still no news on the boys coming out or not. I was just patiently waiting behind outside the hotel when I see Fizzy (Louis Tomlinson’s little sister) come out and talk to some fans next to me. There were a lot of girls asking for stuff from the boys and so I decided to ignore Fizzy because I really didn’t want to look like I was using her, cause I felt like the other girls were.  Fizzy came down because the fans she was talking to were chanting ‘disappointed’ because they felt the boys were being selfish by not coming out and at least saying hi to us fans who have been waiting outside the hotel for such a long time. So she came to sort of tame the angry fans by saying how busy they were upstairs and apologizing to them because she felt sorry for the fans. Although I didn’t complain, I just really wanted the boys to come out already. 

After about 6 hours of waiting patiently outside of the hotel in 90 degree weather, and employee came out and told us that the boys were leaving the building through the front (main entrance), so there was a whole mob of girls running to the front of the building. Thankfully I run track so I was one of the first girls in the front of the building so that when the boys came out I had a good glimpse of them. It had been about an hour, and there were now about 100 girls when the security guards finally came out and started bringing the boys out. I was totally speechless the boys were absolutely beautiful in everyway. I recorded every moment of me meeting them and I tried to keep the camera still, because I was shaking so much. The boys turned to both sides of the crowd so both sides could take pictures of the boys. After about 5 minutes, the boys headed there way to the tour bus and said their goodbyes to us fans. 

It was one of the most special days of my life. It look me about 6-7 hours and I was sweating like crazy from the weather, but in the end it was all worth it.

By: Aphrodite D.

I met Niall Horan at kilbeggan races in Ireland on the 4-5-12 it was so random I heard he was in my town so I came straight home from school and walked/ran the hole way to the races its like an hour away i got their and seen him with his friends I was lucky not many people were around. I ran over to him but I couldnt even talk I was speechless! then it started to rain they all went running and i went running after him with my friend he went into the room and I was trying to take a picture threw the door he seen and laughed and came out to us and i finally was able to talk and asked for a picture I said hi Niall and he said hello and i said could I please get a picture and i was shakeing he like smiled and said yes sure you can and put hes arm around me and I nearly died :) best day of my life.


This wasn't the first time that I had seen them during their visit in Sweden, cause I had been there the days before. I think this was the third day in Sweden for the boys, and I saw them on both the first, second, third and fifth day :) But anyway. My friend had been outside the studio almost the whole day, and I was at my friends house which is not very far from the studio in Stockholm. So what happened was that my friend (who had been outside the studio almost the whole day) called me to let me know that there wasn't many fans left outside the studio and the police had removed the closures so the fans could stand on the sidewalk right outside the studio. It was about 30-40 fans, so me and my friend went there and we stood right in front of the door to the studio. We talked and fooled around with flashlights with Johnny (one of 1D's lifeguards) and had so much fun. Even Johnny laughed and enjoyed it because we were all kinda tired. Zayn went outside quickly because he was going to the courtyard behind the studio. He waved, smiled, and showed us that we needed to be quiet by pulling his finger to his lips. And we actually were very quiet. It actually felt kinda weird that everyone was THAT quiet you know.. but it was awesome. Later on, Zayn came back and went inside the studio again and 10 minutes later someone (probably Zayn) came running out of the door and started to dancing right in front of us! Me and my friends was so close, like if we would have put our arms out we could have touched him, but we didn't. Haha. Everyone just laughed and the other boys were filming the whole thing through the dooropening. Me and my friend are probably in their videos because we were standing right in front of the door. The boys laughed as well! It was great! ;) After 10 more minutes a few fans had left. Johnny left the door to the studio open a while and we could se right into the studio where Harry lay on the couch and played fifa, probably with Zayn. We heard them cheering every time someone won on fifa. It was hilarious. After about 10 more minutes Niall and Liam came out to say hi before they drove back to their hotel - as you can see in the video (it was about 11.40pm) and then Harry, Louis and Zayn came out to say hi before they left as well (it was about 12.00). We talked quickly to Zayn and we made eye contact more than once! They were just as sweet irl as they are in all the videos :D It was worth all the waiting!

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