Justin Bieber

I had been trying to meet Justin for a very long time, but had a terrible string of luck until August 7, 2012. After spending hundreds of dollars to travel to Los Angeles to try and meet Justin over the last year I had almost called it quits. I knew where Justin was going to be doing tour rehearsals so I decided to make one last trip to LA before summer was over. When we got into town late on the morning of the 7th we heard word that Selena was shooting her new movie at a motel. After picking up another friend, we headed to the location of Selena's shoot. Soon after we got there we saw a large black van drive by rapidly. We calmly walked to the street to see where it had went. When we turned down the next road we saw that it had parked next to Justin's Fisker. We knew he was there. There was only four of us, and I knew Justin would see us eventually. Moshe (Justin's bodyguard) saw us while re-parking the car and said Hello. He was very nice and asked us how we were doing. After about an hour Justin and Selena (and others) hoped in the van on one of her breaks. After wards they all hopped out, except for Justin. We knew he was leaving, and we were praying he would stop. Unfortunately he didn't. Later that night we got to meet Selena so we were really happy (It was really late). By the time we got home it was 5:00 a.m. We had no idea when Justin was going to rehearsals the next day, or if he was even going. To play it safe we woke up at 6:30 a.m. Yes, that means only an hour of sleep. We rushed to the rehearsal location after getting some quick food and praying. It was already scorching hot. After waiting a few hours we weren't sure if he was coming. Some other girls showed up, so we decided to leave for a little while and check another location. We came back and an hour later Justin's van turns the corner and drives past us. I knew where he was going to park because I had been there before. I saw him get out of the car with a black v-neck, red snap back, and red pants. I yelled his name and he waved back. The six of us decided to wait where we could see his car. Moshe came out to re-park the van and my friends Shelby and Asia asked him if they could speak with him really quickly. He said only one person so Shelby calmly ran over to him. She politely asked if, and only if, it was okay with him and Justin that he could meet a couple fans that had never met him after he was done rehearsing. Moshe got a big smile on his face, and told her that he was going to stop the car. We waited another three or four hours in triple digit weather until Justin came out. Moshe drove the van up to us, and we got a in line to wait for Justin. Moshe signaled me to come up to the van. Justin didn't get out at first so I stepped up into the van. He shook my hand and said Hello. I gave him a hug. He asked me how I was, but I got super shy and didn't say much. I took my picture with him and said thank you. I let everyone take pictures with him and then gave him another hug. “All Around the World” started playing and I think that was his signal to go. He hopped up in van and drove away. After Justin was gone we got to say a quick thank you to Kenny (old bodyguard). He told us thank you, and also instructed us not to tell anyone where the location was. I realized how lucky we were that Justin, although tired, took the time to stop and take pictures with everyone. He is honestly the most amazing boy I have ever meant. 


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