Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Zoella Sugg

Ok so I found out Zoe was doing a book signing so I went to find them on her blog and clicked the link to get the tickets for my friends and I for Christmas and once we went straight after school. We waited in the cue for about 2 hours it wasn't that bad since the time just went past and when I got in the same room she was signing I started freaking out I felt my heart pounding against my chest and then when it was my turn I just stood there frozen and she said hello and how was j and I just felt so embarrassed since I was stuttering all my sentences and then she touched my hand and said thanks for coming and I was shaking so much and I gave my letter to her to her friend and my friend took a photo of Zöe and I but she was so nice, stunning and lovely and I left with my book signed and memory to remember

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