Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Lady GaGa

Hello guys, it's Seda from Turkey! September 16, 2014 was the best day of my life! I won a competiton from Twitter for the M&G. I had to get so many RTs to win 2 tickets for #artRAVEİstanbul and a meet&greet! So I tried my luck and tweeted then my friends(Monsters..,) helped me to win it! AND I fucking won it! I travelled to Istanbul for Artrave cause' i live in Ankara. The RAVE was awesome! Gaga's live performance was more than GREATSmiling face with heart-shaped eyesHeavy black heart️ I went to CONCERT with my sis& friends, we had really fun!! My M&G was after the Show. Therefore i was so excited!!! In Artrave Istanbul, there were no Artpop Zones.. so all of us(the people who met Lady Gaga) won competitions.. After the Show we met in the mid of the arena. We went to backstage with staff. Then we started to like as if we knew each other for years.. We saw Lady Starlight!! When my turn was come, I was so fucking excited AND blissfulSmiling face with smiling eyes when i entered to the tent(Yes it was a tent) SHE WAS BEYOND BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFULLoudly crying faceLoudly crying face first i told Gaga that i love her so much AND hugged her like very long then photographer took 2 pics, in first pic I just SMILED THEN I PUT MY PAWS UP AND So Gaga did it... Theeeeen I gave my ring to her!!! She surprised and immediately wore it& showed it to me!!!!!!! I was like OMFG!!!!!!! It was the very best day of my life!!! She was a real QUEENTwo heartsHeavy black heart️Ok hand sign..... After 1 month i realized that she was still wearing my ring in the photo which she put on insta with saying 'I may not be a real sultana...' Face screaming in fearFace screaming in fearFace screaming in fearFace screaming in fear It was a shock for me!!!! How humble she is, How hilarious How BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Still cant believe this happened to me..... I couldn't even image that!!! Just do not give up on your dreams, don't forget that we live in a world in which everything happens.. @SedaNick : (twitter)


  1. Love your Blog! Nominated you for an Infinity Dreams Award -- see here!

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