Saturday, 11 August 2012

One Direction

I'm use everyone knows about the Bring1DToUs contests and what not, so I won't go into detail about those :) 
SO Dallas won, and the location was changed and all kinds of drama. The wristbands were a huge source of problems, since there was a lot of girls who snuck into the mall to get them before everyone else who was waiting in a huge line, but even through all that My friends and I ended up getting them. I wasn't even in town, but Amy (the same friend from the Ed story) is amazing and got wristbands for me and my sister. So I came up with the most genius idea that we were gonna make each of the boys buildabears and give them to them. We tried to model the bears after them, like Liam's bear was dressed up like Woody, and Hazza's bear was a cat. My Niall bear was a special edition St. Patty's day bear, and it was green and had plaid paws with shamrocks on them! :) Amy got Zayn a blue Rangers snapback and I got Niall a red one! We also had posters that we made (I made an irish flag collage and wrote my twitter design and put my picture on the back, and we had a british flag one with all our pictures and twitters on the back. I think that was given to Harry.) But we had won a four song set, and a signing. SO we wanted to give the boys this stuff cause we love them, dahhhh :) 
 We got to the venue(Which was a baseball stadium thingy) at 2 in the morning the day of the event. We weren't gonna be let in until 1 the next day, so we had a lot of waiting to do. We had lots of fun adventures then, like partying in Walmart and running for donuts at 5 in the morning, and not having to pay the cute parking lot boy because we were cute and had donuts) :) 
SO anywhooo. We waited the whole day, and I ended up getting to sing "One Thing" for a documentary or something that the boys were making, and answered some questions, and I asked Niall to marry me, you know, standard :) 
Then, we were let into the park. It took FOREVER for everyone to get in, cause there was over 2000 people! After we got in, we got seats, ours were center stage about 8 or 9 rows up <3 Amazing. So we got to hear them do an interview and sing WMYB, One Thing, Up All Night, and More Than This, then they walked out to get ready for the signing. It was really awesome cause  a ton of us started singing Torn to them when they were walking across a walkway and they were smiling SO BIG. Then we started waiting for the signing. I'm not totally sure how long it took, cause fit was a big blur from concert to the signing, I just know it took FOREVER. When we finally got close to the door, I was freaking the hell out. Amy was right in front of me, and my little sister was behind me. We walked in, and I saw Liam looking adorable as usual, and I shouted Hi at him about 5 times before he looked up, smiled at me and goes, "Oh, hi babe!" I freaked out so much after that that I didn't say a single word to Louis, Zayn or Harry, I just kind of looked at them. (SO BEAUTIFUL) Then Niall was last, and I handed him the box full of stuff and he smiled and goes "Shit! Is all this for me?" And I just nodded, cause I mean, he is so perfect. And he was wearing a snapback and unf. Then, he basically shouts at me (After he sees all of it, and takes the bear out of the box and has it just chilling in front of him." "This is SICK babe!" I was like "thanks..." (Still freaking out) Then, Niall, being the cutest thing on the planet, takes the little tiny sunglasses off the bear and puts them on his face, and wiggled his eyebrows and looking at me, I was just laughing, and finally I could speak, I said, "I think those are  a little small for you." (and my little sister who hadn't talked at all, was standing there and goes, "Those aren't for you, you tard" Yes... my sister called Niall a tard.) HE just kinda laughed about it and goes, "I think you're right babe!" And took them off, then I asked if I could get a picture, and he let me, it's pretty blurry cause I was shaking, but it's still awesome! Then we waited outside for a little bit for some girls that we'd met that day, and Paul walked by and I got his attention and gave him a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" sticker and asked if he'd wear it, but he shook his head and laughed and said he probably wouldn't! But yep! That's my story :) 

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