Thursday, 9 August 2012

Jessie J

Basically, i told my dad i wanted tour tickets for Jessie's heartbeat tour whilst i was staying away at my friends, he rang me and said she had meet and greet tickets for £99 i thought this was really cheap and jumped at the chance, we couldn't get them for our first venue choice but managed to get them for our second choice, i then counted down the days until i could meet Jessie on the 19th of october 2011. When we got to the venue which was doncaster dome, we had an e-mail saying not to queue in the main queue and go straight to the box office to collect our meet and greet things, they where really helpful and told us to queue the opposite side of the barrier to the main queue and that we would get our stuff when we where allowed in one hour prior to doors opening. When we where allowed through the doors they told us we could have a picture and get one thing signed plus our signed poster we got as part of the meet and greet. when we got to the meet and greet area, we queued and where sent other one by one or in your group if you prefered that. 

When it was my turn me and my niece went over together to meet Jessie, we both said hello to her and she asked what my name was for the poster then she asked my niece's name, after we told her she said that she really liked our accents and t-shirts, we then gave our camera to the security man and he took our photo, we then asked Jessie to sign our tops which she did, we then said thank you to her and went to wait at the back of the room, until the meet and greets where finished then we where allowed to get ready for the concert at the front. Overall this was an amazing experience and i can't wait to meet Jessie again on the nice to meet you tour, she was as genuine and lovely as i thought she would be her security said you could only get one thing signed and not to too touch her but if you asked her to sign things she didn't hesitate and did it, and if you asked her for a hug she would.


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