Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Niall Horan

I met Niall Horan at kilbeggan races in Ireland on the 4-5-12 it was so random I heard he was in my town so I came straight home from school and walked/ran the hole way to the races its like an hour away i got their and seen him with his friends I was lucky not many people were around. I ran over to him but I couldnt even talk I was speechless! then it started to rain they all went running and i went running after him with my friend he went into the room and I was trying to take a picture threw the door he seen and laughed and came out to us and i finally was able to talk and asked for a picture I said hi Niall and he said hello and i said could I please get a picture and i was shaking he like smiled and said yes sure you can and put hes arm around me and I nearly died :) best day of my life.


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