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I met Ed Sheeran on May 6th 2014, and it was probably the most amazing day of my entire life! I had gone to see him live on the 5th and found out he was at a local bbc in London (Maida Vale). Once I found out I immediately knew it would be my only chance to actually meet him but I didn't expect to see him at all! So I went there straight after school and about half hour later his manager Stu walked out the door, and I sat there so excited! I asked Stu for a photo and he kindly agreed!! About half hour later I was sitting on the ground outside with the 3/4 other people waiting for Ed, and was daydreaming until suddenly he walked out the door for a cigarette with a coffee in his hand. I didn't notice at first because I was in my own little world until I saw bright ginger hair in the corner of my eye and at that moment I was in shock! I turned to see Ed Sheeran standing less than a foot away from me! I stood up and looked at him and he was looking at us all, and I just started crying ( not because I was upset but because I'm an emotional wreck and I was standing right next to him!!!!!!!!!!) but when he realised I was crying he asked me if I was okay, and I just said I was :) he seemed so worried bless him! I finally stopped crying enough to have a picture with him and he was the loveliest person I've ever met in my entire life! What I haven't mentioned is the fact I embarrassed myself more than ever, because as I walked up to him, I was "thinking out loud" and literally blurted out "IM TOUCHING HIM" and he kind of looked at me like I was so weird :$ As soon as he had finished with the photographer he came back over and kindly signed my album while I was there in hysterics telling him that I've been a fan for 4 years and my mum telling him Shes charging him rent because of my posters and a cut out haha!! He laughed at the thought!! Even after meeting him and being so lucky to speak to him we were invited in to his live session with 30 other people to watch him perform and it was AMAZING!!! I thank him so much for being so sweet and lovely that day xxxxxx

Twitter: @kelsheeran

One of my local radio stations had a contest on twitter for people to meet Ed/watch a private show, and my friends and I all really wanted to win, cause we'd loved him for a while at this point. There were I think 20 winners, but none of us ended up being one of them. We were all pretty bummed, but when the day of the actual concert came around, I was determined that I was gonna meet Ed Sheeran. I didn't care if I didn't win or not, it was gonna happen. One of my really great friends, Amy, decided that she was going to do the same! We adopted the YOLO mindset for real that day, and drove all the way out to the studio, which is about 50 ish minutes from where we live. So we left school, luckily we get out early, or we would have had to skip ( :) ). We drove out to the stdio, and then we were kinda stumped. What's next? We saw a big black Chevy, and decided that tit was probably his car. But then, I felt like maybe I should walk around to the front, and when I did, I saw a big black Ford excursion, so I was like...hmmm... maybe this is his car. So I called Amy while I was walking around the car, and I saw that there were bags in the back, and Ed was supposed to go straight to DFW after that to go home. So I was like, YUP this is it. She was about to run around the front, but then someone came out and started to put something in the car. She saw that it was a guitar case, and I started freaking out and ran back around to the back as fast as I could. Ed wasn't out yet, but Amy saw some guy in a hot pink shirt who was smoking and pointed him out to me. She told me to go talk to him, but I was like NO! He's probably mean. But then we peeked around this bush we were behind (This sounds much creepier than it actually was. the bushes were like 7 feet tall and we weren't really trying to hide, we were just sort of hidden by the bushes.) And We saw bright red hair. At this point, I was so overwhelmed by the fact that ED FREAKING SHEERAN was like 5 feet away from me that I literally fell on the ground, I just kinda sat there for a minute. Then They started packing up the car, so I got up, and we walked over to them. Amy urged me to say something, so I was like..." Hi?" THey both turned around, and Ed was smiling and he was perfect in every way. He goes, "Hey love!" And Amy told him that she had driven on the highway fro the first time just to come see him, and not to worry cause we didn't skip school to come see him. He was smiling the whole time, and I told him how upset we were that we didn't win the tickets, but we decided we should just come anyway. (Keep in mind I'm literally shaking this whole time and honestly dying on the inside.) And he goes "Well, I'm glad you girls came out any way! Sorry you didn't get those tickets," Then we asked for pictures, and when I took mine with him, I was shaking, so he gave me this like side hug thingy, and then he did it again after the picture. It was amazing. So i secondhand smoked with Ed Sheeran, and got to meet my Ginger Jesus and it was amazing. 


Well, I got up at 5 in the morning and arrived at the airport at about half past nine accompanied by 5 friends. We knew that he was flying with Qantas, so we kept moving from gate to gate of any flight that was arriving from Sydney. One of the girls I went with was speaking with a fan of Ed's that lived in Sydney and was currently at Sydney airport, at first she thought he'd already left, but she wasn't certain, then about 20 minutes later she met him just before he boarded his plane, so our group figured out all the times and figured out that he would be arriving at 11.35 at gate 8. So we chilled there for about an hour, give or take. 
By the time his plane landed there was only about 15 people there, including us. So, all 15 of us Ed fans waited anxiously as everyone departed from the plane, then 7 minutes later Stuart came out, Ed less than a metre behind him! One of the girls I went with, Jess, who was the one talking to the girl in Sydney, asked for a photo with Ed and he said 'Sure, can we just move over here?' pointing to where all the seats were, so we were out of the way. I was I think the 3rd person to get a photo from him, and I asked him to sign the my copy of +, and of course he did, then he took photos with more people, signed a few more things, then I asked him to sign the back of my jacket, which I had sewn a paw print (the same as his logo) onto the back of it, and then asked for a hug. And can I just say, his hug was the best hug I've ever gotten. Then he took more photos, signed more things, gave more people hugs, then Stuart (His manager) said he needed to go and collect his luggage.
So we left him to go through the airport, and a few people were like 'Are we following him?' mind you, I was already tailing him, recording. Then everyone else caught up, and we were all having this really great conversation with him, and it wasn't even about him! 
Then, just before he went down the escalator to baggage collection I asked him to sign the back of my iPod, so he did. When we were walking through the airport, any person that asked for a signature or photo or hug got one and he genuinely is the sweetest man on earth! So then we all had a break down, not realising that Ed was only about 20 metres away, we thought he'd already gotten in the car. We didn't want to stalk him to his hotel, so we decided we'd call that a day and just go chill in the city until the concert, which we did.
If you want more on the concert, let me know, I have a pretty exciting story for that too!
So, I got up at about 5.30 this time, with the intentions of going to the airport alone, which I did. The night before I looked at all the possible flights he could catch and said he'd get either the 10.10 or 12.10. When I got to the airport, my first thought was to just hang around the check ins and security check, but stupidly I went to the gate of a 9.30 plane to Adelaide. I chilled there for about 20 minutes, then made my way to gate 10 for the 10.10 flight. Which I really, really believed he'd get. Walking through the airport I saw one of the guys I was stalking with the day prior, Anthony and he said for me to spend the rest of the day with him, and he'd already met him again, then walking up to gate 10 we saw Ed! AGAIN!
It was extremely brief but I really don't care!
I didn't get a photo with him, but I got a really crappy short video, but I saw him and said 'Hi, I was at the concert last night, I threw up the bouquet of roses and the note fell off, so I wrote a new one and here, please, please read it!' and I passed him the note. And he responded with 'Thanks so much, yes I'll read it.'
I'm not too sure if he read it, but I met Ed Sheeran twice in two days. 
Fair to say that Friday the 3rd of August 2012 was the best day of my life.
Okay this is my story on how I met Ed sheeran. And sorry if it's too long! It took place at a bar in austin tx called dogwood. The show was supposed to start at 5:00 pm so I got there with my mom and sister at 4:30. When we got there it was pretty packed. The people there told me that I had to be 21 or older to get in but I could stay on the sidewalk, and since he was playing on the patio I would still be able to see him a bit. After a few minutes of waiting the people there were nice enough to let us stand in this small corner of the bar outside. Okay so after waiting for 30 minutes there was no sign that Ed was coming. It was really hot and we didn't have any chairs to sit on. So I asked a waiter if Ed was coming soon and they said he would be there until 7:00 pm, and that was when the show was supposed to end. After waiting 2 more hours they finally said he was coming out. And he did! It was amazing. I started crying as soon as I saw him. But I couldn't see much cos we were a bit far away. But right then it didn't matter. A few minutes into 'give me love' my friends mom came up to us and said she found us a better view. We followed her to this parking lot next to the bar and jumped on this area where there were a lot of cactuses. We had a great view. After the song was over he noticed my friend and I and asked how we were doing and if it was hot. Okay so after he talked to us he kept looking up at where we were and smiling. After about an hour the show was over. My friend and I raced back to where all the other girls were cos we thought he was gonna go say hi, but the security wouldn't let us back in. My friend and I then ran behind the bar and saw a man and a woman standing next to a car. We asked if Ed was gonna come out and they said he wasn't and they didn't know Ed. But they had a British accent and the car was turned on so we decided to wait there cos he was obviously gonna come out. After a few minutes the man opened the car door and I saw Ed come out! He walked up to me and some other girls and said he was gonna go inside and he would come back in 30 minutes. So we waited, after about 35 minutes he came out. I told him my friend and I were the girls on the cactus. He thanked us gave us autographs and a hug. He was so nice it was unbelievable! We had about a 15 minute conversation. It was the best day of my life! X


Ed came to Vancouver with Snow Patrol for a concert on April 30th, but I didn't have tickets. I still wanted to go see if I could meet Ed, so my friend and I went to the concert venue and waited outside the stage door with some other fans we met there. After constantly "tweeting" Ed, and waiting outside the venue for 3 hours, he finally tweeted back saying he would come outside in 45 minutes. Once he came out, everyone screamed. I couldn't believe he was actually standing infront of me. After waiting for my turn, I finally got to meet him and get a picture with him. He also signed my album for me. I said goodbye to Ed and walked away crying so much that I couldn't breathe. He is the sweetest guy I ever met and he cares about his fans so much, which is why I love him. Meeting Ed Sheeran was the best day of my life.


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