I met Tulisa on Wednesday 23rd may 2012 at the x factor auditions in Liverpool . I had been waiting at the echo arena since 8am in the morning and the judges were supposed to arrive at 10.30 in the morning but didn't arrive until 12.30. I was right at the front of the red carpet at about 1.00 I met tulisa she was the only judge who made the time to make sure she went to all of her fans when she came over to me I was shaking and was nearly crying she signed my x factor ticket and asked me if I was ok and then I just started crying and she said to me aww bless your so cute ! And give me a hug she was so humble and just the nicest celebrity ever. I had already seen ndubz 12 times already she has always been a big inspiration to me . Your never supposed to meet your hero or your idols but meeting Tulisa was the best day of my life ! Xxxxx

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