My favourite experience with Jedward has been on their tv programme 'OMG! Jedward's Dream Factory'. On the 13th October 2011, I was lucky enough to get wristbands to attend the audience of the show, and I was over the moon when me, my sister and our friend made our way to the show! 
On this day, we were in the studio audience from 2pm-7pm as John & Edward filmed all the children's dreams and performed songs. The twins were brilliant at getting the crowd going as everyone was singing along and dancing. At each break the twins got, they were over hugging and chatting away to us and all the other fans that were there even though they were exhausted from the strenuous filming and long hours. They always put their fans first.
As soon as the filming was over, we were all informed that we would be able to Meet and Greet with the boys, which everyone was delighted about. In our Meet and Greet, we all got a chance to get autographs and to get pictures with the twins. Even though they were still extremely tired and hungry, they wanted to personally chat to all of us, and allow us to get a photograph with them to mark the day. 
It's a day I will never forget, and one of the best days of my life!


I met Jedward in Tesco Wexford in Ireland. I waited in Tesco 2 days straight to get the wristband, I waited 5 hours in Tesco the morning of the signing and I got to spend 45 minutes with John & Edward.

We talked about everything, they signed my jumper, shirt, C.D. They are hyper, kind, caring, genuine boys. I felt amazing afterwards. I really love Jedward, and everytime I meet them they always spend more than 5 minutes with me. Their hugs and Kisses are cute and special.

Lots of love from there biggest fan


The first time I met Jedward we waited for like 5 hours before a concert. They spend a lot time with us and took a picture with every fan. I was really grateful and it was worth it. I was like the happiest girl alive such a great memory <3


I had been a fan of John and Edward Grimes (Jedward) since their X Factor days.  I loved their boundless enthusiasm and excitement, and their wonderfully positive attitudes, despite all of the negativity they faced. In time, they helped to change my own outlook on life, and I became a much happier person because of them.  For a long time my dream had been to meet them, but I honestly never thought that would happen, it seemed so unlikely. 
In February of this year, I found out from a friend who had met them before, that the twins would be in London for a few days, and she gave me the name of the hotel they would be staying at, and also directions on how to get there.  I was determined that I had to go and meet them, this could be my only chance, and I couldn’t let that pass me by.  
The morning of the 29th, I felt that something special was going to happen. Throughout the day I tried not to get too excited, I didn’t know with absolute certainty at that point that I would be meeting them, but I knew there was a very strong possibility I would.
On the train up to London I was still having a few doubts; I felt that it was all too good to be true. It wasn’t until 8pm that evening when I was stood outside in the freezing cold, waiting with about thirty other fans that it hit me, this was real.  I hadn’t had much sleep or anything to eat, so I was literally running on excitement by that point.  
An hour passed and lots of random people had gone in and out of the hotel, I kept hoping that the twins would soon appear. It was around forty five minutes later that they did, dressed in denim jackets and black, skinny jeans, they also wore their hair flat. 
I had felt certain that I would freak out when I first saw them, but instead suddenly I felt this weird calmness descend over me, like nothing in that moment mattered apart from them, it’s kind of hard to explain but I felt so at peace with everything just then.
I walked towards them, John was hugging some other fans then he turned to me.  He gave me an amazing hug, which left me a little bit stunned but thankfully not lost for words.  Then we spoke briefly and he showed a genuine interest in what I had to say, I felt so happy. I had heard from many people how good the twins were with their fans, but John was so friendly, it didn’t feel like it was only the first time I had ever met him. 
 After a couple of minutes he then went to greet other fans, so I went and stood with the group of fans that were around Edward. I waited patiently for him to notice me, then he looked my way and he actually looked pleased to see me there, even though we had never met before. He asked loads of questions and hugged me and then we took a couple of pictures.
I asked him to sign the hoodie I was wearing, which he was more than happy to do and even did some cute little drawings, and took the time to shade in some lettering. Then he told me to go and get John to sign it, and I told him I would. 
 John was getting a bit mobbed by fans by then, but I eventually managed to catch his attention to ask him if he would also sign my hoodie. He was equally happy to, and even wrote V.I.P on my sleeve, which I thought was so lovely.
Afterwards, I  spoke to Edward a bit more and got one final picture with him,  and a goodbye hug from John and then waved to them when they went back inside their hotel. They had spent about an hour outside with us, making sure everyone got their chance with them, and that nobody went home disappointed.
They are without a doubt, two of the loveliest people that I’ve ever met and I will never understand how anybody has a bad word to say about them.  They were so kind and considerate to me, they took the time to talk and make me feel appreciated, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.
On the train home I couldn’t stop smiling, I’d never felt so happy in all my life. I was getting some odd looks from the other people in the carriage, but I didn’t care. My dream had come true and nobody could take that away from me, and it was the most amazing experience ever!


I first met John and Edward in London on the 13th of February 2011; it was 2 days after They had Won Eurosong and been chosen to represent Ireland in Eurovision with Their song Lipstick. So when Me and My Sister found out They were going to be in the Dancing on Ice audience to support Vanilla Ice; We went to The May Fair Hotel around 12pm and met up with Fans to Celebrate while We waited. When the @planetjedward Tweet was about Planes We got excited knowing that They were getting a Flight and would be arriving soon. By around 6.15pm They hadn't turned up yet and We were starting to think They had gone directly to the Studio; when suddenly, John and Edward jumped out from a Car across the Road and ran over to Fans. Within seconds there was a mob surrounding John and another around Edward...I hovered about before going over to Edward and got kinda starstruck just being that close to Him...He asked Who hadn't got a Picture and without thinking I pointed to Myself and said "Me", next thing I knew, He had grabbed My Phone with 1 hand, grabbed Me and put His other Arm around Me to take a Picture before realising it was set to Video. I got awkward and tried to change it to Camera but He kept it recording and asked My Name. I walked over to John as Their Road Manager was pulling Him away because They had to leave...

I went back to the Hotel the next Month and both Twins were getting ready to go back in as I walked over. When Edward saw Me He gave Me a Hug and turned Me 'round to pose for a Picture. We spoke about the Winged Jacket He was wearing and when He saw My Sister's Tattoos He asked Me if He should get one saying John; I said it was up to Him and We spoke some more about random things and He pointed out that We were wearing similar Shoes...I walked towards John and He came over asking if We were staying at the Hotel, or there for JLS; He smiled when We said We were there for Him and Edward, and asked if We had met before, why hadn't We got Pictures. I said that it was rushed before and He put His Arm around Me telling My Sister to take Pictures. We just stood chatting for a few minutes then when I gave Him My Twitter Name He Hugged Me and whispered that He would DM Me and that He would be back out...After a few minutes with Fans when He walked back out, John said to My Sister "You're the Girl with the Tattoos" then put His Arm around Me and said "Hey Sarah, let's get some Pictures" I was shocked and Happy that He knew My Name and wanted more Pictures! It was great to have got Hugs, Chats and Pictures with both of The Twins and They were so Lovely. There were Fans there Who were meeting Them for the first time and others Who had met Them loads; John and Edward made time for Everyone.

I have since met John and Edward at Hotels, Studios, Airport, Signings, Meet and Greets, Panto, Tour Venues and been to Shops with Them. I have been to new places, done new things and made new Friends.

John and Edward have a great connection with Their Fans and treat Us so well, making Everyone feel included. They take a genuine interest; when They say They've seen Our Twitters They can tell Us things We have Tweeted and Pictures We've posted, They remember Names and facts, times We have met before and things We spoke about...I hadn't gone out of My way to meet any Celebrity before as I didn't want to be disappointed and when I've met any randomly, They haven't always been as I expected. I wanted to meet The Twins and after hearing so many good experience stories, I can honestly say They more than lived up to the hype; I instantly couldn't wait to see Them again and everytime I meet Them makes Me feel the same.


Hey there guys! My experience of meeting Jedward (well half of Jedward because I only met Edward) was definitely one of the best experiences of my LIFE!!
It was on the 29th of December up in Dublin at the Olympia Theatre, after watching an AWESOME pantomime of ‘Jedward and The Beanstalk’,  that I dragged my friend (who doesn’t particularly the twins) and my Ma and Da out to the stage door in some alley way swamped with crazy Jed-supporters. It was raining, and cold, but that didn’t stop the screaming girls (and the odd lad) from shouting at the building for ‘JEDWARD’ to come out!
Half an hour had passed when the Jedwards decided to randomly stick their spiky heads out of a window up above us. Obviously the crowd went mental, and for another half hour our eyes were going ninety between the door and the window, staring the hell out of them! Oh and there was also an appearance by Séan (sorry I don’t know his real name!) from Fair City, and Linda Martin (who was met with a frosty reception because we all thought she was Jedward).
Eventually, out of nowhere there was a few screams, and then out of nowhere John casually struts down the alleyway as if he was some random dude just passing by. And that’s when the pushing started! There was a riot of fans trying to glomp him, and of course I had to be at the back of that crowd (typical). BUT THEN!!! Aha! Who silently creeps out the stage door only EDWARD! So the crowd then split, and like sheep we all swarmed over to Edward. After some pushing and my hero of a mother shouting at Jedward’s driver (who apparently she knows from Tesco in Carlow) that ‘WE’RE FROM CARLOW’, I eventually managed to worm my way up to the man himself.
I gave Edward my camera and he took it and put his face to mine (much to my pleasure!) and took a very good photo (apart from the fact that I look like a potato compared to him). I then handed him a box which I had wrapped in red puppy Christmas paper and that had badges that I made for them in it. THEN he gave me the most SUPER AWESOME Jedhug!!! It was the squishiest, warmest hug ever! He let go after a while and I just stared up at him with the most stupid star struck face ever (*-O). I felt like an absolute noob because I didn’t know what to say to him, and I expected him to turn to the other screaming fans, but he started a little conversation! I was like GAHHH!! He asked me what my name was, and (after having to think about it for a moment) I told him it was Dearbhlá, which he thought was really cool. Then he wanted to know where I was from and he thought Carlow was cool too! Ih ih! I was playing it real cool with my one word answers... well because honesty nothing else was coming out! My brain and my mouth had decided they didn’t want to communicate at that very moment -_-“. Finally he grabbed my dickie-bow and was like ‘Oh my God that’s so cool!’ I replied in my stupid little bogger voice ‘Ah thanks!’ Then my Ma took my arm, and with that she pulled me away from him!
All that week I was in a severe depression, or some sort of weird mood, where I literally would eat barely anything (which is WEIRD for me because I’m usually a tank when it comes to food!) I also went around like a loser staring at the picture of myself and Ed on my phone. I was in some state, and know that I think back at it, it was quite funny ih ih!
Meeting half of Jedward was soooooo AMAZING! Even though it only lasted around 6 minutes!  Edward was super nice and genuine AND he smelled REALLY GOOD!! I just admire them so much for not giving a crap about what the stupid haters say or do. Jedward just devote all of their time to their fans and they’re literally such nice guys. I love them so much and always will!! <3 J


I've met Jedward quite a few times now,and it's safe to say that they are the most genuine celebrities I have ever met. They treat all their fans with the utter most respect,and they try to make every single one of them feel special. They would do anything for their fans, and their fans would do anything for them.

The first time I met them was at the Christmas panto at the Olympia theatre last year. I waited there for about 3 hours to get a glimpse of them. When they bounced out the stage door, they came right over to me and got a picture straight away. They tried to get a picture with every single fan there that day. That was one of the best days of my life.
After that, I met them at concert venue's,CD signings,and even at their rehersal studios. I went to their Victory CD signing in Dundrum shopping centre around August last year. Everyone camped over in the shopping centre the night before,to meet them the next day. I waited for nearly 24 hours for them. It was an amazing experience,and I will never forget it. 
I have made loads of friends thanks to them,and they have brought me out of my shell. They taught me how to be confident in myself,and how to not let anyone put me down. 
I love them so much<3
They have a new CD coming out on June 22nd, it's called Young Love and it's amazing.They have worked so hard,and it's a whole new side to them.I think everyone should give it a listen! :-)


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