Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Demi Lovato

I met Demi during her Demi World Tour in Montreal, on October 19th. It was my first ever meet and greet and I was really stressed and excited! I went worth my best friend and we waited in line for 3h before we could meet Demi. But once it was my turn, i forgot about all the waiting we had just done. Jill (her makeup artist) opened the curtain and there she was, my idol, standing across the room, looking like an angel. I stepped in and suddenly buried my face in my hands, shaking of joy. Something really weird happened after, her bodyguard (Sugar) stepped between me and Demi, to protect her. It got me really confused and I stopped moving. I felt like crying, he thought I was gonna hurt her, which i would never. I was standing few feets away, looking at Demi smiling, and Sugar.  I stayed there for about 15 sec, and calmed myself down, putting my hands back on my sides. Sugar stepped away, and gave me an approbation look. I then walked towards Demi, who welcomed me with open arms and a pretty smile. She said "Hi sweetheart, nice to meet you" and all I could think about was how pretty she was, literally perfect. So I answered saying "Omg you're so beautiful" it was stupid to say but she laughed and said "aww thank you". We took our picture and after she took my lower arms in her hands and looked me in the eye, she said "Thank you sweetheart, enjoy the show", I quitted saying "I will".

It was such an amazing experience, she was so sweet! I really hope I can meet her again! I wanted to tell you more things but I totally forgot, and time was short! Still, I regret nothing and for me, it was magical and perfect.

- Marianne,19, from Canada.

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