Demi Lovato

I met Demi during her Demi World Tour in Montreal, on October 19th. It was my first ever meet and greet and I was really stressed and excited! I went worth my best friend and we waited in line for 3h before we could meet Demi. But once it was my turn, i forgot about all the waiting we had just done. Jill (her makeup artist) opened the curtain and there she was, my idol, standing across the room, looking like an angel. I stepped in and suddenly buried my face in my hands, shaking of joy. Something really weird happened after, her bodyguard (Sugar) stepped between me and Demi, to protect her. It got me really confused and I stopped moving. I felt like crying, he thought I was gonna hurt her, which i would never. I was standing few feets away, looking at Demi smiling, and Sugar.  I stayed there for about 15 sec, and calmed myself down, putting my hands back on my sides. Sugar stepped away, and gave me an approbation look. I then walked towards Demi, who welcomed me with open arms and a pretty smile. She said "Hi sweetheart, nice to meet you" and all I could think about was how pretty she was, literally perfect. So I answered saying "Omg you're so beautiful" it was stupid to say but she laughed and said "aww thank you". We took our picture and after she took my lower arms in her hands and looked me in the eye, she said "Thank you sweetheart, enjoy the show", I quitted saying "I will".

It was such an amazing experience, she was so sweet! I really hope I can meet her again! I wanted to tell you more things but I totally forgot, and time was short! Still, I regret nothing and for me, it was magical and perfect.

- Marianne,19, from Canada.
I've  looked up to Demi Lovato like no one could believe.Even before she came out about her depression and self harm. I look up-to her for so many other reasons, but dealing with those situations myself they kind of stick out to me. she has helped me through so much! basically  it's been my dream to meet her and tell her how much I love her, look up-to her and lots more,then one day as an early Christmas gift it came true. I remember meeting my now closest best friend there in the line waiting and we screamed together while waiting in the line knowing our idol was behind the very thin curtains, and that's all that was dividing  us from the very person who saved me and helped my friend through so much, well the guards too lol ... I can't even describe the rush I felt as the guard opened the curtain and I saw my nightingale ;) standing there.. As I walked in I was sobbing so demi made the cutest puppy dog face at me and grabbed me and held me so close to her chest that I had to fix my hair for the photo bc she messed it up haha then all I remember after that is crying to her, saying everything I wanted to say for so many years.... Then walking out and crying as the people looked at me as I was ranting on how she's so beautiful!!!! Nothing will ever replace that moment in my life... I am living because of that day... When she wrapped her arms around me I felt the pain go away as the feelings of her love and care and down to earth personality sank in... Again, demi cares so much about every single fan that walked into those curtains and the ones who couldn't get the chance to also.... And you can feel it in her presence. Thank you Demi you will forever be my wallpaper Smiling face with heart-shaped eyesSmiling face with heart-shaped eyesSmiling face with heart-shaped eyes and let's not forget the signed poster she signed with love ;) I can't say it enough thank you for everyone in my life who made this happen. I'm forever and always a lovatic Smiling face with heart-shaped eyesSmiling face with heart-shaped eyesSmiling face with heart-shaped eyes
I've been supporting Demi Lovato for seven years, and just last year on the 23rd of November, I finally got to meet her for the first time.

The happiest day of my life began with me arriving at the venue, with my mom. When we arrived, my mom said she had to go to the toilets first, and admittedly I was a bit annoyed because I was just so excited to go and line up for the m&g. But little did I know that us going to the toilets first was a blessing in disguise, because when we went out, I heard Demi's soundcheck! She was singing "Let It Go", and at first I thought it was just a recording, until my mom pointed out that it was actually her singing live. So then, I started jumping around and fangirling until an employee kicked us out.

Then we went and lined up for the m&g. We didn't have to wait that long; and soon I was checked in, given my merch (a poster, shirt & lanyard), and was waiting for the m&g to start. I was by myself at this time. But honestly, I didn't feel so alone, because I was surrounded by other Lovatics, and it was really nice seeing that there are other people as obsessed with Demi as I am.

So then, we waited there for hours. But when we heard that Demi finally arrived, it became frantic -- everyone was trying to look through the other room to see her, and everyone was just so excited. One of the girls suggested that we sing for Demi, assuming that she could hear us. So we sang "Heart Attack" and "Really Don't Care", which I really enjoyed because I felt a special bond with these strangers, just cause of our mutual love for Demi.

Then the cue started to move, and I was just about to burst from excitement at this point. I was shaking, and my hands were really cold and sweaty, and I literally felt like crying. Two other girls and I were then told to drop off our bags on a table, and wait outside this room covered with a curtain; and behind that curtain was Demi freakin' Lovato. And I saw her when the girl before me went in!

The anxious feeling got worse at that moment -- I literally felt like I was gonna faint; like I was hyperventilating. But then this girl behind me told me to "Stay Strong", and it was really sweet and it made me a bit calmer.

And then it was my turn! I was told to go in, and I half-walked half-ran to my role model. She looked so beautiful, and she gave me the sweetest smile, and said "Hi sweetie". I just completely forgot everything then and there; I was speechless, and all I managed to get out was a "Hi". Then she asked me "How are you?", and again I was pretty much braindead at that time so I just said "Good".

But I was snapped out of my trance when the photographer asked us to smile for the picture. I remember her putting her arm around my waist, and so I put my arm around hers as well, and that was literally all I could focus on. I didn't even realise that she was proper hugging me until I saw my m&g picture a few days later!

So after the picture was taken, I said "Thank you" to her, and I thought that was gonna be that, which made me feel a bit disappointed. But as I was walking away, she reached out her hand to me and was like "Nice to meet you". So I glanced back at her and reached for her hand as well; and I said "You too" with like a huge but nervous smile on my face. And that was it.. It was really only around 5 seconds that I was in there, but it was the best few seconds of my life.

It wasn't until I was with my mom again that I cried my eyes out and just sobbed from mixed emotions. I definitely wasn't the only one though!

I also tried giving a gift for Demi to the concierge, but they said they weren't accepting any, so I unfortunately didn't get to give my handmade crafts to her.

Afterwards, we watched the concert, in which Demi performed flawlessly, of course!

And that was basically what happened when I met my strong & beautiful idol, Demi Lovato.
It was one of my best days of my life in fact so good I saw demi lovato like 2 times in the one year, started away back early 2014 I said to my sisters Demi's coming to London wonna go we got ticket thankfully so grateful for that as a lot of people didn't get them, the time came we left Glasgow on the 30th of June got to London on the 1st she was playing in Koko that night, wee got to Koko about half 9am sat there all day waiting for demi to turn up, she came around about 3pm where we where standing wee got to see her by the time we got over the fences she was almost in the building she waves and blow kisses to everyone, at that point I was so start struck my sister said I got the two of you's in the picture made my day I had my 1st real demi lovato picture with me in the back ground lol any way that night got even better demi had to go and do the surf the crowd demi lovato style she was amazing glad I had the chances to see her in London in concert, came home few weeks went by got a email saying she's coming back to uk in November at some time,my heart was going crazy so that was me on the hunt trying to find out about tickets then they came out saying she was coming to my town Glasgow I was over the moon I had to get tickets, she was doing m&G every where else so I said to my sisters wee have to get these tickets could be the only chance so again we where very lucky to get the concert tickets for demi again, m&g tickets where like 210pound really I didn't care about the prices I had to meet her again but this time be right beside her..anyways that day came 22nd of November 2014 me and my sister got to the venue about back of 3 waited till the doors opened went in and Demi's makeup artists was the one that was taking the names and giving us the bags with a demi T-shirt poster and also a demi world tour bag and some card thing that went around ur we al stud waiting to meet demi Al talking to other fans. Again Demi's makeup artist came out saying we where going to see here very soon but because demi was doing hospital visits the next day wee couldn't cuddle her a few people where upset I wasn't bothered I just wonted to say something like hi to her, the time came we had to leave the bags on table stand in a line till they said ur next u went in behind the curtain she was standing here,she real my sister said to her, I said to her hi how's it going she smiled and said good thanks took the picture and shouted As I had to leave Iove you, it was all over in 3 minutes but it was the best 3 minutes of my life I now no she is very much real and I am so grateful I got the chances to meet her in my own town, her concert was amazing just as good as the 1st one back in July wish she was on longer tho ,roll on 2015 because she said she's coming back very soon, thanks for reading this guy ... Victory handGrinning face with smiling eyes

I woke up on the Monday (April 2nd) & put on the TV because DEMI WAS ON DAYBREAK! I was absolutely freaking out already as I was so excited! It didn't matter what I did, I couldn't quite believe that in 24 hours I could potentially be getting my wristband to meet Demi! I watched Demi on Daybreak & then they showed the commercial for 'Unbroken'... By this point I was absolutely uncontrollable - I was running round the house in excitement! Haha! I finished getting ready and then started my journey. While I was on the train, I was talking to a couple of girls over text who I was meeting down there & they told me that people had already started queuing - I was so worried because I knew that I couldn't do anything to get there any quicker... That was the longest train journey of my whole life - lol! By the time I got to London it was around 12 lunchtime so I got on the tube and almost ran through the stations to get to Oxford Street. By the time I got to HMV there were a few people there... I went to the back of the queue and started talking to the people that were in front of me - I was there by myself so they made me feel really welcome... I got talking to a guy called Matt... He was the nicest guy ever & he'd been on some amazing Demi adventures so I loved hearing all these =D I wasn't quite sure where Lucy & Rachael were (the 2 girls I was supposed to be meeting) so I just stayed there... About 20 minutes later, security came outside & said they were going to give out tickets - we were all freaking out - like, we had no idea what was going on... They came along the queue and gave us all little numbered tickets... I was number 28! OMG! I was guaranteed a wristband! I WAS GOING IN TO THE MEET & GREET!!!!! I was going to MEET DEMI!!! I rung Lucy to tell her she needed to get a ticket but she was at a hotel where Demi was doing a press conference that afternoon - that was it, I was leaving to go to the hotel! I knew I had to make the most of every opportunity - I waited for Lucy & Rachael to come and get their tickets & then we all went back to the hotel together... We got there & waited round the back - there were maybe 30-40 people there & quite a few people that I know... I tend to meet up with the same people when I go on London trips... I was stood there talking & then suddenly we saw Demi's 2 cars drive past... They went round the corner so we followed them - they went round to the front entrance of the hotel - I started having an asthma attack so had to stop running... By the time I had got round there, security were stood at either end of the driveway to the front door to stop people from running down it - I ran round in front of the railings that were in front of the hotel to see if I could catch a glimpse... One of my London friends Alice was there, right by the front door & I could see her mum... I shouted to her mum Donna and was like "What's happening?". All she did was point - OMG! Demi was out of the car & was stood right there... I couldn't see her & I had a railing between me & her - I knew I had to do something - I RAN! As quick as I could, back round to the entrance of the driveway and while the 1 security guy was trying to stop me running down there, I didn't care - I legged it! OMG! All I kept thinking was to keep running - I was running for Demi! Demi was right there! The first thing I saw was her hair - OMG! She has the most incredible & beautiful hair I have EVER seen in my whole life! There were a few people between me & Demi and she had her back to me - I just wanted to touch her... It wasn't until then that it would seem real! Demi then turned around & I shouted her name... She smiled directly at me! I couldn't believe it! I then saw Alice got a picture & my friend Rachael appeared from the other side of Demi... OMG! Demi was posing with her to have her picture taken too... Rachael held her camera out for someone to take the picture, so I took the camera... I was shaking more than I think I ever have before! So much so, that instead of taking the picture, I turned the camera off! I said I was sorry & gave the camera back to Rachael to sort out - I stood there feeling like an idiot... All I could say was "oh my god, I'm so sorry Demi" but she told me it was fine =D OMG! I spoke to her! She spoke to me! Then I asked if I could have a picture afterwards & she said "sure". I took Rachael's camera back and took the picture - Demi then came over and stood next to me for my picture... I put my arm around her & felt her hair - OMG! The most amazingly soft hair I've ever felt before... Lol! I held out my camera for someone to take my picture but everyone was freaking out and ignored me so I decided I had to take it myself... I held the camera out in front of us and hoped for the best... Demi stood there while I checked it came out right... It came out perfect! (see my twitter icon). I then asked if I could have a hug... Not going to lie, she smelled amazing! Like of mango or something very similar =D she then went inside the hotel to start the press conference. I walked away and all I could do was smile, bigger than I'd ever smiled before I think =D was that real? Did I just talk to, hug, touch, and have a picture with Demi Lovato?!?!???!?!? By this point, security were mad & were telling us that if we didn't move, then they would call the police so we ran out of the driveway... I met Alice at the end and carried on freaking out... She then told me she got a photo of me getting my picture with Demi & I love it! <3 (

We then headed back to HMV where another 20+ people had turned up - I knew we couldn't leave anymore or we would lose our place in the queue... I had a hotel booked for that night but decided in order to keep my space, I would have to camp out... We left to go and get some dinner & then came straight back - in the time we were gone, people had started to set up tents... I went and bought a sleeping bag and started setting up to camp... I ended up camping with Lucy & Rachael as well as Matt that I'd met earlier in the day... It was awesome! We laid there and watched Sonny With A Chance & listened to music & just had a really good time - by 8pm the night before the signing, the first 300 tickets had gone... That meant that the 300 wristbands were gone - that was it! Later that night, we ordered pizzas and had a proper camp out - a girl called Parisa took her guitar and we were all having a sing along... Later on, we all sung Skyscraper & it was recorded... Parisa then tweeted it to Demi & she tweeted about it afterwards saying how much she has 'amazing English fans' ( <3 I'm in the video a few times so I can't really believe Demi saw it =D after this, we were all sat there freezing, and then this man turned up... He was from the local church & brought hot drinks for everyone! Hot chocolate, tea, coffee... It was amazing! He just stood there and gave them out =D I decided after I'd had a hot chocolate that I should maybe try and get some sleep as it was about 3am by this point - I managed to get about 2-3 hours sleep so I didn't feel great, but security got everyone up at around 7am & told them all to put their tents away so they could sort the queue out... They put us all in number order and then we just waited... They finally let us in to get our wristbands at 8.30... I went in and got the wristband & bought another copy of Unbroken as mine had got creased/ruined over night - OMG!!!!! I had the wristband... It was attached to me & it wasn't coming off! I was going in to MEET DEMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They made us leave as soon as we had got our wristbands so I went back to the hotel with 2 girls I'd met at the camp out, Chelsea & Jess... We felt disgusting so went back & got showered & changed... We then headed back out in search of Demi once again. We went to her hotel and waited for her to leave - we waited there maybe 4 hours before deciding we had better go back to HMV & queue again to get in for the actual signing... Demi snuck out of the hotel anyway after we left... She left in a London black cab as she went and did some sightseeing around London =D we waited outside HMV again for what seemed like forever, then about 4 o'clock, they started putting us in number order again to start letting us in... They finally opened the doors to let us in at 4.30pm... OMG! This was it - this is now when it started to seem real... Once inside, they had Unbroken playing so it was an incredible atmosphere because again, everyone was singing along =]] Security got all 300 in & then finished setting up... Although it was supposed to start at 5, Demi didn't appear until almost 5.30pm. She walked out of the door and I swear every heart in that room completely melted... She looked incredible! Like, words couldn't even describe!! I swear I was hyperventilating... All I was thinking was to not make myself look like an idiot - she stood and took some promo shots holding the album and then took her seat for the signing... The first people then started to go up - it was really fast... Before I knew it, I was almost at the front of the queue - as I got closer to the table I was trying to think about what I wanted to say... It was my time! I went and stood in front of Demi & handed her the CD for it to be signed... I asked if she could put my name, but security said "no personalisations" so I asked if she could sign my phone and they said one autograph only - I felt like I wanted to shout at security... They were taking up talk time with my Demi, like SHUT UP!!! Haha! She then said sorry and gave me a huge smile! =D I then gave her the scrapbook

Me: "I made this for you Demi... It's a scrapbook with some things in it also from UK Lovatics that couldn't be here today" 
Demi: "Aw that's so sweet, thank you so much!"
Me: "Please read it... You've saved me & there's some really meaningful things in there that I would love for you to see"
Demi: "I will read it, I promise!"

I then showed her my tattoo & said "I also have your heart tattooed on my wrist" to which, Demi replied "that's awesome!" 
She then slid the signed CD cover towards me for me to take so I went to pick it up and as I did, I said "I love you Demi" & she put her hand on mine <3333

I managed to keep my cool while I was at the table with her, but as soon as I walked away, I broke down in tears... Demi looked over and smiled as she was waiting for the next person to come to the table, then security made me move so I couldn't stand there anymore =[[ lol! I promise, no word of a lie, I cried for about the next hour =D it was really funny - so many people were coming out of the store crying, and the public had no idea why... They were making so many comments =]] I then decided I would go to get hotel one last time because I had a few hours until my train left... I went to her hotel and there were maybe 20 people there - we waited for about an hour and then it REALLY started raining hard! Like, so hard that it hurt if it got your face... We managed to get up in front of the hotel entrance under shelter although staff weren't happy about this... They did let us stay though because of the weather. I waited about another 2 hours but she hadn't come back and I had to leave so I didn't miss my train... I swapped numbers with Matt and a couple of the girls there and then left to go catch my train home - I had no signal on my phone on the tube but when I got to Liverpool Street station to get my train, I got a text from Matt saying that she had got back about 10 minutes after I left and she'd stopped and taken pictures with every single person... Like, I was so mad at myself! Haha! I mean, I met her TWICE & I did get a picture but just the fact that I could have just one more time, it killed me... I would rather not have known =[[ lol! Anyway, then I got on my train home, and I actually CRIED! 

Either way, I feel so blessed that I got to meet my idol and the girl who has saved me - even to this moment, I can't actually believe that this happened! April 2nd & 3rd 2012 will FOREVER be the most amazing experience... THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE! <3 

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