Cheryl Cole

Well, on the 1st of December 2012 i met Cheryl Cole. I only found out a few days before that she was doing a book signing for her book 'Cheryl: My Story' so i begged my mum to let me go. She said yes but it was part of my christmas presents. I was so happy and rang all of my friends to tell them! On the saturday i got ready and had butterflies in my belly all morning, i couldnt believe it! i was on the train with my mum it took us a while to get to London as i am from Preston but it was worth it. We finally arrived in London and we walked around for an hour or two as we had plenty of time before meeting Cheryl. At about 1.45pm we set off to find the hotel where we would meet Cheryl, we finally found it and there was a que outside.. it was not that big though. I got speaking to some soldiers and they were all lovely! The staff at the hotel were really nice, when we got inside it was so big and posh. You could see the table with loads of books, thats where Cheryl would be sitting in a few hours. I just could not believe it. There was free tea and coffee and the staff came round with choclates for everyone! As the time got nearer everyone started chanting 'CHERYL!! Cheryl!!' The atmosphere was amazing! Cheryl walked out and everyone started screaming i was so nervous! when we got near to the front one of the staff to my bag and i was pearing through these board things to see if i could see Cheryl and the security kept telling me stop it.. but i just couldnt help it. It was finally my turn to meet her. She loked beautiful just i had imagined! She had massive brown eyes and was look right at me, i burst into tears with my head in my hands! (i said i was not going to cry) she held my hand and said i was really pretty. She said my name properly and got it right first time! she said it was a lovely name! we then got our photo taken. She said it was lovely meeting me and i was just so speachless, my mum said to her 'Cheryl thankyou, this is one of her best christmas presents ever!' she was still holding me hand saying are you okay? she wrote in my book ' To Mairead, happy christmas' and then her autograph. I said good bye and she said 'bye babe' then i said good bye to Lily. All of the other soldiers in the que were saying 'awww' to me because i was crying and i got all embaressed! My dream came true! Dont give up!


As most of you are aware, on the 1st of December 2012 I met Cheryl Cole for the first time! People have always said she is much more perfect face to face and now I can honestly say she is.

Me and my dad caught the 14.11 train, arrived at London Victoria at 15.57, got on the tube at 15.59, and got off at embankment at 16.03, then we walked around London to find the Corinthia Hotel, it took a while, we had no clue where it was or where we were going, at about 16.20 we found it and got our wristbands and in the not too distant future we'd met CHERYL COLE.We were on the queue for a while, and we were one of the last people she saw which was nice, we both were signing along to AML the whole time, and it passed so quickly.We were getting nearer and nearer the front and our bags have just been taken of us which means we're getting very close! Luckily I got to keep the bag full of curly wurlys and the fanbook for Cheryl.As we got closer, a secuity guard came and spoke to us and me and my dad explained what happened at the 02 when we went to the AML tour and he said I was doing very well and should be proud of myself and I was. (For those of you who don't know, we got to give our tickets over and go to our seats in the 02 arena and I burst into tears and wanted to go home because I felt I couldn't go in and got in such a state but luckily I went in and had the best time EVER! Everyone was expecting me to be the same at the book signing but I wasn't, I didn't cry til after!)We were next, the security guard was explaining what was about to happen, and he told me to put my stuff for Cheryl on the table and that Lily would take it for her and I was like thank you!Then my time came... I met Cheryl Cole. She was so lovely, so pretty, so kind, so caring, everything and more I expected her to be!Our conversation went as follows:Me: *as I walk over to Cheryl* *I'm shaking like a leaf and freaking out big time at this point* OMG!Cheryl: Hiya Babe! *smiles and face lights up when she sees what I've got her as I give it to Lily*Me: HelloCheryl: How are you?Me: I'm good, how are you?Cheryl: I'm good thank you!Me: I loved you on tour!Cheryl: Did you enjoy it?Me: YeahCheryl: Did you go to the London one?Me: Yeah*we have our picture at this moment by which time I forget everything and go blank and don't know what to say next*Cheryl: Thanks Angie!Me: Thank you!Cheryl: Lovely to meet you!Me: Lovely to meet you too!Then my dad says you alright? bit of a stupid question really and then he said thanks Cheryl! And she smiled and waved at him cause my dad couldn't get a wristbad as it had sold out so he was by the door so she didn't exactly meet him but she acknowledged he was there!On the train back, me and my dad were stood up for most of it, so my legs are sore today but its worth it, and I broke down in tears and was a wreck the entire way home and my mum met us at the train statio and she was like "AHHHHHH" really loudly cause it's what I do whenever I see her on anything so I said "AHHHHHH" back and everyone looked at us but we didn't care!So that is it, that's what happened when I met Cheryl, I wish I spoke more and said more but the whole time she was looking into my eyes and I was looking into her eyes and she just didn't look real. Like she looks stunning in pictures but she looks even more perfect face to face. So I think I got a bit too star struck and was lost for words so I can't wait for the next signing of any kind so I can meet her again and have a proper conversation with her.Writing this now my heart is pounding! I'm the happiest alive, my idol follows me, she's met me, signed my book, i've got a picture with her, and all in the space of 3 months, so if you're reading this and haven't met Cheryl... Remember DREAMS DO COME TRUE AND THEY ARE WORTH THE WAIT!! I've waited 10 years for yesterday and it was well worth it!!


18/06/12 I was like right near the front of the queue when she came out! Because Dannie let me and Chloe push in with her, because we had to leave early...:( Next thing we know&see is Cheryl coming out! Jsbnsjbdjsb & camera's ! Because we are on Sky News ! (Me and Chloe got in the camera's !! :D ...hopefully Cheryl saw us!!!) And Lily kept looking at me!!! Kdsbdhffdnsdan!!! I saw her drink her starbucks too!!! And there was a starbucks next to Cheryl too!!! Which was either Lily's or hers!!!!! :D.. When I was like the fifth person from the front, I let other people go infront cos they were before us.... As soon as I was next I saw her, looked at chlo! Then looked at her and started shaking and crying! And I never, ever, ever shake! I mean like ever! Except from Westfield!<3 <3 .. And then the lady said do you want me to take your bag, so then I gave it to her & the lady gave the man who was standing next to Cheryl my CD cover with my post-it note which said 'Shannon Douglas <3 xxx" and then as soon as it was my turn to go to Cheryl I started shaking and crying proper!! And then she was like: "Hiya Shannon:)" I was SOOOOOO shocked that she even knew my name and like said it! Even though it was written down on the post-it note... Haaa. ..I said "hiii" like really shy! X_x .. And then she said: "are you okay?:D" I said: "yes thank you, are you:)" and then she said "yes, thank you:).... Did you camp last night?" Then I said: "no..../: but I left my house at 6am this morning.." And then her and Lily went "awwww:')" ...and it made me go proper shy&squeal! And then I said: "I you-you ...a over..there (pointing at the folder)...with...curly wurlys" and she had her cute puppy dog eyes&said: "aww:') thank you sooo much!" And then the man said: "are you ready for a photo?" And we both turned to the camera man for our professional photo ! XD it was AMAZABLE !!!!! And then she smiled and then I smiled& then she said here you go babe, and handed me my signed album cover! ...and written on it, it said 'To Shannon Douglas Best Wishes, then her autograph:') CHERYL<3*star*x' ...and then she said: "bye:)" and then I said: "bye:D" and then grabbed my bag, looked back at chloe&cheryl&lily and walked down the curly stairs and I couldn't walk properly, because I was shaking so much&plus I couldn't see properly, because my eyes were filled too much with tears!<3 <3 that day was perfect! To meet my number one idol! With my best friend!<3 <3


I met Cheryl cole on the 19th June 2012! I've loved her since 2007 and have basically tried to meet her many times but never was lucky enough to actually meet her. I found out she was going to do a signing in Newcastle for her new album so I camped out on the Monday night from 8pm waiting for her in the pouring rain till Tuesday morning at 8am when they were going to hand out wristbands. The feeling was indescribable when I was one of the lucky ones that was given a wristband. I then went home and got myself ready for the best few minutes of my life! I came back to the hmv shop to wait in a queue with 500 other people until it was my turn to meet my idol.
I was pretty much hyperventilating in the queue when I saw her, my best friend tried to calm me down and wipe my tears away before it was my turn. I walked up to her crying I couldn't even look at her as it didn't seem real she was beautiful. I was shaking and she just looked at me and the first thing she said to me was "well you have really pretty eyes". She made me cry even more. We had such a nice conversation.
Which I will pretty much never forget, I have also bought meet and greet tickets for her tour which I told her about and she told me she was so excited to meet me again and how she really does love me! 
I'm extremely excited to meet her again because meeting someone that inspires you so much through music is the best feeling ever. She made my dream come true!:) 
Camping outside for 12 hours in the rain was totally worth it!:) 

Basically i found out that cheryl was doing a signing at hmv newcastle on the 19th of june a week prior to the event, i only live like an hour way from newcastle so i asked my dad if we could go, and luckily he was off and agreed to go. It was her album signing for a million lights and only 500 wristbands where available, i was in newcastle on the 18th of june to watch the x factor auditions and my dad decided to find where hmv is for the next day and he seen that about 10 people where already queuing for the signing at about 3pm, so we decided that the time we planned to get there at 7am to get a wristband at 8am was far too late as many others would be camping, we decided to set off at 2am and we arrived outside hmv at about 4am, we then basically queued outside hmv from 4am to get a wristband at 8am, the weather was horrible and rainy but we got told by the security we were guaranteed a wristband so it was worth the wait. When 8am arrived they opened the doors and let people in a few at a time to buy the album or show them their album and hmv reciept in order to get a wristband, after we got our wristband it was about 9am, we decided that it would be to much of a wait to stay until the signing started at 5pm so we decided to go home and sleep as we where really tired, we set back off at 2pm and got their for about 3pm, we then queued outside hmv again until the signing started at 5pm.

When the cd signing started they let about 50 people in at first then 10 more each time, you where allowed to get one album signed, you where allowed to take pictures whilst you where in the queue but when you got to the table and met her you had to put your camera away and a professional photographer took the photograph which could be obtained through the hmv website the next day. when i got to the table cheryl signed my cd then we had a short conversation about the summertime ball, i said that she was amazing at summertime ball and she asked me if i was suprised and i said yes, then she asked how i travelled to london and how long it took and i told her it took me six and a half hours to get there i then said i can't wait to see her on tour and she said thank you, then her security moved you on as she had a lot of fans to meet, overall i would say this was a very positive experience and it was amazing meeting cheryl, she was lovely and actually wanted to spend more time with her fans but her security where quite strict.


Ok so I met Cheryl on the 24th February 2012 at her stylist pick signing in westfields shopping centre. I went with my mum and baby brother and I remember like walking into the center seeing these girls with "I <3 Cheryl" hoodies having a fag with their rollers in! We went up to where the queue was and it was so long I thought I'd never mEet her. We were there for over 9 and a half hours but I met some amazing soldiers that day! Cheryl was only supposed to be there for 2 hours meeting everyone but it got to 8 o'clock and there was still so many people waiting so she stayed and met all of us, I was so nervous to be meeting one of my idols, we was next in the que and my brother started crying so the security guard started playing with a bottle making me laugh! Finally it was our go and I walked round to see my role model smiling up at me:) :D! Then she saw my brother and gasped and whispered in her perfect accent "can I hold him". She sat and held him playing for about 10 minutes and kept telling my mum he was "gorgeous" and "so cute". Then I saw Gary Tweedy take a picture on someone else's' phone and I was thinking "OMG is that Cheryl phone?!". Then she turned to me and said "hello big sis what's your name?" I just stared at her and went ".....lauren! I LOvE YOU" she laughed and signed my picture, then Lily (her assistant) whispered "chez you can only sign that, we're already late", Cheryl just smiled and signed my book and my calendar then asked me "what's your last name lauren" I managed to stutter it out and she laughed and asked "how old are you, did you skip school today?" She laughed again I was just like ahhh, "I'm 14 and yeah I did. Your worth it Cheryl!". Then. I had my pic taken and she held my hand then hugged me and said "be a good girl for your mum and look after your brother, have you got any other brothers? How old is he" then she said "well I bet he's as gorgeous as yous two:)". Unfortunately that was it :( but we got a gift bag from lo real Paris! Definitely the best day of my life and I'm hoping to meet her again :) xx. I walked out with my legs like jelly trying to not cry infront of the fit gay guy from the que ;) best day ever!!!


On the 19th June 2012 i met Cheryl Cole, the best day of my life. At twenty to six in the morning we stood in a queue outside of HMV to get our wristband to meet Cheryl. We stood there for about 3 hours until we got our wristband, at 9 o clock we got our wristband, it was pink. I was so excited! We went back up at 4 o clock to stand in the queue to meet Cheryl. I had wrote Cheryl a letter and i went to card factory to buy her a balloon for her birthday. The queue went down and the security told us to go in. We were standing inside for about 40 minutes. I could see her because i kept jumping up and down to see her sitting at the table. I had to leave my letter and balloon on a table with the other gifts other fans had gave her. Then.. It was my turn, i was so nervous. Me and Cheryl had a conversation, she was stunning and her accent was amazing, it was pure Geordie, i am a geordie as well so we had the same accent. Cheryl posed for a picture with me and signed my CD. I walked out the shop speechless. I jumped up and down shouting that i had just met Cheryl Cole. I still cant believe i met my inspiration. I love Cheryl Cole.


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