Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Karl Pilkington

I’m a huge fan of Karl Pilkington’s series on TV, being An Idiot Abroad and The Moaning Of Life. I was looking online on Twitter and decided to check the official Moaning of Life page to see if there was any information on the last episode (which was postponed after the disaster in the Philippines) and to my surprise, I saw that Karl was having book signing at Waterstones, Piccadilly, London. I instantly ran to my brother who’s as big a fan as myself, and we made our plans ready for Saturday, November 23rd 3013.
We arrived very early, as it would be a first-come first-served queue. We waited for about 2 hours before we were right in front of the shop, at this point pretty cold without the ability to walk properly up the stairs to the top floor where Karl was signing. We were constantly saying we needed to get photos with him (originally, posed photos were not allowed) but everyone was doing it and when the time came, we were kindly helped by the staff, who took the photo for us! Karl was how I’d thought he’d be, not like on telly, but kind and happy to see so many people waiting in the cold just to say hello. As he signed my book he said “Alright, Taryll, how’s it goin?’ to which I replied “Great thanks, cheers for this!” (Of course I was a bit star struck and at the time you don’t really know what to say) – after the very brief chat I went to shake his hand, only it was the hand with the pen in, so we did a sort of hand switch ‘dance’ a few times (like what you do on the street when you try walking past someone and you both go the same direction) before we eventually shook hands! Quite the thing to happen when meeting someone as brilliant as Karl, really. Then my brother had his moment with him whilst the photo was taken.
Afterwards we walked out, with huge smiles on our faces talking about our special moment with Karl. The reason I love meeting people like that is because you and only you have that special moment that you remember forever, a very cool experience.
I hope to bump into him some day in London when I move up there, and say “Alright?” – until then, more TV series of Karl’s are to be made!
'The Moaning Of Life' will return to Sky 1 HD this year. Watch, if you have yet to discover the genius.
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