Friday, 3 August 2012

Olly Murs

10th November, 2011.
So basically I went to meet him at Real Radio South Wales. I took the morning off school to make it possible and I went with two of my friends. We queued up outside at 9am so we had about an hour to wait. 
Eventually he turned up and spent some time with the fans closer to the car before doing his interview. We were given 'In Case You Didn't Know' flyers for him to come around and sign for us. 
Olly came back out and had pictures, signed stuff with people then came to us. 
I was last out of my friends recording the whole thing. He noticed me recording and waved to the camera and said "What's happening?" before taking my camera off me and giving it to my friends to have my picture with him. So I asked him to wish me a happy birthday for Sunday as it was my birthday then, and he said "Hope you have a great birthday Dannii" cos he asked for my name. 
Then he done the 'give me five, on the side, up above' thing and I was too slow. So he signed my flyer and I asked him for a hug and he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek :) 
It was well worth waiting, he's so lovely with his fans!! :)


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