Monday, 5 January 2015

Tyler Oakley

My friends and I had planned to take a trip to Los Angeles because we don't live far, to go see the famous "Murder House" from American horror story. The house where they shot the first season of American horror story. But that would only take a few minutes so we had planned to go see the urban lights and maybe go to the grove too. With all the friends that planned to go only one other ended up actually joining. So my mom drove us there and we were already having the time of our lives taking pictures of the mansion and just enjoying the presence of being there.

 We were going to go to the urban lights next but the parking lot was full and we decided to go to the grove first. Thank god for that choice because my whole day would've been different. We had only shopped for a little and my mom was hungry so we started walking to the farmers market walking behind her. 

As were walking near the candy shop I had been looking up and I see someone who looked oddly familiar and then I heard his voice. My friend Jasmine and I just stopped dead in our tracks and both looked at eachother saying "is that Tyler Oakley?!" and I looked over at him again and my stomach literally dropped. I still remember the feeling. That's how I kind of knew it was him but we weren't sure and needed to know so we followed him a bit, quickly cut off by the crossing guards to let traffic through. I remember Jasmine and I were saying "keep your eye on him" "don't loose him" and finally when we were allowed to walk we ran. We couldn't just not. We were hyped up on adrenaline because we had a great gut feeling it was him. 

Luckily, he didn't slip into a store and we found him right away. Half way there it was official. It was Tyler Oakley. THE Tyler Oakley was walking a few feet in front of us. I was already shaking. I love tyler. I love him so much and I couldn't believe he was right in front of me. Once we were in Nordstroms behind him, Jasmine called his name and he turned around. He was with his two friends and they were all so very kind. He seemed so happy to meet us and Jasmine took her selfie with him and then I gave Jasmine my phone and I took a picture with him and hold him how much I love him and if I could get a hug. He's a great hugger. Jasmine hugged him too and we didn't wanna stick around too long because I think they were leaving and we didn't wanna bother them. He said it was great meeting us and that if we post the pictures tag him and he'll find us. We thanked him and his friends for their time and we exchanged goodbyes and 'have a good day'. 

Walking away was so Hard. We weren't even out the door of Nordstroms when I started crying. I had been shaking the entire time I met him and talked to him. Jasmine and I hugged and she laughed at me because I was crying but I had just met one of my favorite people. And in the best way. no other people around, one on one. It was an incredible experience and I will never forget it. 

After calling my mom and telling her the news and that we didn't actually ditch her we posted the pics when we went to have lunch with her. 

While having lunch we were telling my mom and just mind blown  by the whole thing and my mom looks up and goes "oh hey there's tyler" and I laughed and said "mom don't play me like that" but I looked up in the direction and TYLER WAS WALKING BY AGAIN. Turns out she wasn't kidding. it was quite funny. He favorited our pictures on Twitter and liked my picture on Instagram. It was absolutely insane. Just because he liked the Picture I got so many likes and comments and they're still going on. At the moment I have over 2.5k likes and so many comments. It was so crazy.

 I still can't believe I met him and if you think you can't meet your fav. Don't ever give up because you might just meet them when you least expect it. Hope you liked my story of meeting tyler ((: 

-Samantha / @slapmeniall

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