Monday, 5 January 2015

Alfie Deyes

Ok so sometime in November Alfie posted tickets for his book signing in Birmingham. My friend and I couldn't get tickets as we were at school when they came out so we spent the whole day really depressed that we couldn't see him. I got home and saw I had around 10 Twitter notifications and a few texts. I looked to see what was going on and saw that my friend was freaking out saying she got us tickets to go and meet him.
Anyways, we waited in line for around 3 hours and got a green wristband and another copy of his book so that we had 2 to get signed. Once we finally got inside we saw he was hugging a few people and signing their books and we were freaking out at this point. The woman with him said he didn't have time to hug any more people so we all moved along nodding but once I got to the front I just had to ask for a hug and he got up and leaned over the table and hugged me. Then we took a selfie BUT MY EYES WERE CLOSED and I asked him for anther one and he was like yeah of course and we took a better one and it was the highlight of my year omg.

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