Monday, 5 January 2015

Olly Murs

I had entered a competition on the HMV website to meet Olly, and so did my friend Amber (she entered like 5 times haha!) and we had to wait and find out who the winners were.

I was sat at home, watching tele and I got a notification, it was an email from HMV, saying that I had WON tickets to meet him at HMV in London, Oxford street! I called Amber straight away, and as soon as I had told her, she started crying! Straight away we started making the plans, of how we'd get from Doncaster to London, where we were gonna park and what we were gonna do for the day before we met him..

Then finally came the day! The 24th of November! I woke up at half 6, excited and giddy! When we finally set off we didn't get to London till 1! We went shopping for a few hours before stand outside HMV at half 4! There were people who were there for the performance and the signing and people there just for the signing. I was there just for the signing but I honestly didn't mind! I was gonna meet Olly Murs!

When we were finally inside and queuing to meet him, I saw him and just burst into tears! I was so excited! Me, Amber and a few other girls decided we were gonna sing to him, because his album was on! Olly couldn't help but stand and smile at us!

Finally it was my turn to meet him, I was shaking because I was so nervous, but I didn't need to be, Olly is such a lovely guy, he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek then asked me if I were okay! He had to take the selfies because I couldn't! Haha! But those 30 seconds with him feel like forever! The drive from Doncaster to London was definitely worth it!


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