Sunday, 4 January 2015

Selena Gomez

It was mid April 2013, I was just looking through Twitter and saw that Selena Gomez (the most amazing person in the whole world) had released some dates for her World tour: ‘Stars Dance’. The meet and greet tickets were coming out in a couple of days time so I went and asked my Mum if she’d get me them (as she had promised me for such a long time) and she said yes! The day of ticket release came and I went to school nervous but excited. I went just after 10am and I got a text from my Mum: ‘:-)’…this made me smile and I told my friend who was sitting next to me straight away. I couldn't stop smiling from this day onwards. 

I started a countdown on my phone until the day arrived. The day I met Selena was 7th September 2013—it was the best day of my life so far! I put so much effort in the days before making a scrapbook that was full of messages from me and other fans. The book opened up about why Selena is my idol. On the way down to London, we played a variety of songs from Selena’s 4 albums. We got there about 2pm, checked into our hotel and then made our way to the Hammersmith apollo. We joined the meet and greet queue and had to wait about 2 hours until it was time to meet her. 

I got a VIP wrist band which I thought was really exciting and it actually made me feel that I was about to meet the most amazing person in the entire world! We all went inside and a member of Selena’s crew read out some guidelines and rules: ‘no bags, no phones, no pictures of your own, she won’t sign anything etc’…even though this was slightly disappointing, i was still excited. 

We all followed the crew upstairs into this little passage. One by one we starting moving forward and going into the area where we would meet Selena. When it came to my turn, I got the scrapbook from my Mum (she was carrying it in her bag) and the bodyguard said ‘sweet, you brought her a gift!’. 

I turned the corner and there she was. It was so surreal but she looking so angelic, amazing and beautiful. I gave her a hug, she said Hi. I then gave her my scrapbook and she said ‘did you make this?’ and I said yet and she said ‘thank you’—she opened up one of the pages and read it for a few seconds. She then turned, said thanks again and passed it to her cousin. We then posed for a photo, she hugged me and then said bye. 

Even though I was only with Selena for a minute or so, it was the best minute or so of my life! I couldn't stop smiling…my Mum posted a status on Facebook saying ‘this is the happiest I’ve ever seen my boy’. It really was! Afterwards, we went and took our seats (5th row from front) for the show. The show was great and Selena was as fantastic as ever.

I really hope to meet Selena again one day as the 7th September will always mean something and be special to me. 


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