Monday, 5 January 2015

Olly Murs

Meeting Olly was possibly the best thing that's ever happened to me, so here's the story. Olly was doing a radio tour in October 2014, so I went to his final one in Guildford. In line, there where a lot of girls, and really mean girls at the front they where like YOU CANT SIT WITH US but that's another story. 

So we waited a few hours, checking his Twitter and all that, his manager or something like that came and told us all to line up, he said "One selfie per-person, no autographs!" He was moody. When we all lined up, I think I was possibly the most excitable person there. Obviously not. When Olly came out, a girl fainted... Literally fainted. On the ground. Fainted face first, onto the pavement. It was hilarious! I felt sorry for Olly, he was just like, what just happened? Is she alive? 

She was fine by the way. 

I was quite close to the front, so I got there quite quickly. Once the girl left in front of me I like attacked him. He laughed at me and said "Hi sweetheart, how are you?" My heart literally melted in my chest and THEN he goes and kisses my cheek! I seriously have no idea how I didn't freaking faint at that point! He takes my phone, takes the picture and kisses my cheek AGAIN. 

He says bye and I walk off not very willingly, just met my idol. 

30th of October 2014, 5 O'clock-ish. 

-Katie Coker.

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