Monday, 5 January 2015

Darren Criss


On the weekend of the 18th-20th of July 2014 one Mr Darren Criss attended a Glee convention in London. 

I was luckily enough to purchase a gold ticket-which gives you meet and greet- months before he was announced to even come. 

He was confirmed to be attending 3 weeks before the event. Believe me when I say I cried like no other!

Me and my friends got there on the Friday morning all ready and pumped to meet our idol. 

Come the opening ceremony and we are told by the other guests and the man who runs it that Darren was running late and so we will have to schedule a separate meet and greet the next day. (Everyone was so upset!)

The meet and greet got under way and we had the pleasure of meeting the likes of Max Adler- amazing guy! A load of Starkid (Darren's production company) Aswell as Curt Mega and Dominic Barnes who I had previously met and have sung with them both on stage!!!(shamelessly making people jealous!)

Me and my friends were sitting at the table right near the door- my back to the door. I was chatting away and my friend gasped so loudly I thought-'What the hell?' And then I turn around. 

And right behind me is the god that is DARREN himself. 

I tried to act all cool but then went allllll Fangirl and jumped up telling him to come sit with us and gave him a big hug.(First person at the convention to hug him is my claim to fame)
He sat down and immediately apologised for being late, saying he got held up in airport security. 
We obviously forgave him and he asked us to go round the table saying our names. 

We had a lovely few minuets chat all while in between the other guests were coming over to say hi to him and give him hugs. 
We asked him to play the game we were getting all the other guests to do-Place a malteaser on your lips and blow it into the air and catch it in your mouth. He was so up for it. He went to stand up and do it and I had a go at him telling him he has to sit(I get snappy when I'm nervous, sue me) and he was like "oooh I'm sorry" and I'm like "no no I am really!" :')

When he stood up again to do it the whole room went quiet and clapped when he succeeded. My friend asked if he ever felt like he's always being watched. 

He went around the table asking what we do for a living, he said he admires that I work with children. (Squee)
And he even remembered one of my friends who had flew out to America to see him on tour. (this guy is just...I can't.)

Alas our Time with him was up and he was like, "What?! Really? I haven't even been here that long!" But we said it's fine and before he left I gave him a letter and a loom band(Warbler colours obviously) and he slipped it on and went round the table giving everyone hugs. 
He went to the next table and as we Weren't allowed to take pictures during, me and my friend took a selfie with his back. Even that's gorgeous. 

Roll on the next morning and it was our photo sessions with Darren. I was able to get 3-I think that was the most out of everyone in the convention.
Anyways, I line up for my picture and eventually get to darren. I'm like "Hi! I see you're still wearing my loom band!" And he thanks me again saying it's lovely.
We take our first photo, basic hugging. Then for my next I hand him a ring pop and ask him to propose to me. he does gladly. The whole room aww'd.
My last photo I tried to be all sexy, saying I was going to drag him by the tie. I get my sultry face on, turn around to pull and hear a choking noise and the camera flashes.
He made a fake choking noise and my face in the picture was priceless.
I told him I hate him for it. But then said I love you really and gave him a hug, said thanks and left.

Later that evening was his acoustic performance. He did performances from Disney, Starkid, Glee and they were all amazing! (though he did mess up the lyrics an awful lot) Starkid and both Curt and Dom joined him in stage aswell, the night was amazing.
And he still had my loom band on.
All in all this man is flawless.

He is gorgeous, funny, smart, Talented, an amazing friend, and just everything you could ever dream of.

I will never forget that weekend, it has to be one of the best ones I've ever had.

And the even bigger bonus?
3 weeks later, a photo of Darren was posted on Twitter.

Hope you enjoyed!
Rebecca. Xxxx

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