Monday, 5 January 2015

Demi Lovato

I've been supporting Demi Lovato for seven years, and just last year on the 23rd of November, I finally got to meet her for the first time.

The happiest day of my life began with me arriving at the venue, with my mom. When we arrived, my mom said she had to go to the toilets first, and admittedly I was a bit annoyed because I was just so excited to go and line up for the m&g. But little did I know that us going to the toilets first was a blessing in disguise, because when we went out, I heard Demi's soundcheck! She was singing "Let It Go", and at first I thought it was just a recording, until my mom pointed out that it was actually her singing live. So then, I started jumping around and fangirling until an employee kicked us out.

Then we went and lined up for the m&g. We didn't have to wait that long; and soon I was checked in, given my merch (a poster, shirt & lanyard), and was waiting for the m&g to start. I was by myself at this time. But honestly, I didn't feel so alone, because I was surrounded by other Lovatics, and it was really nice seeing that there are other people as obsessed with Demi as I am.

So then, we waited there for hours. But when we heard that Demi finally arrived, it became frantic -- everyone was trying to look through the other room to see her, and everyone was just so excited. One of the girls suggested that we sing for Demi, assuming that she could hear us. So we sang "Heart Attack" and "Really Don't Care", which I really enjoyed because I felt a special bond with these strangers, just cause of our mutual love for Demi.

Then the cue started to move, and I was just about to burst from excitement at this point. I was shaking, and my hands were really cold and sweaty, and I literally felt like crying. Two other girls and I were then told to drop off our bags on a table, and wait outside this room covered with a curtain; and behind that curtain was Demi freakin' Lovato. And I saw her when the girl before me went in!

The anxious feeling got worse at that moment -- I literally felt like I was gonna faint; like I was hyperventilating. But then this girl behind me told me to "Stay Strong", and it was really sweet and it made me a bit calmer.

And then it was my turn! I was told to go in, and I half-walked half-ran to my role model. She looked so beautiful, and she gave me the sweetest smile, and said "Hi sweetie". I just completely forgot everything then and there; I was speechless, and all I managed to get out was a "Hi". Then she asked me "How are you?", and again I was pretty much braindead at that time so I just said "Good".

But I was snapped out of my trance when the photographer asked us to smile for the picture. I remember her putting her arm around my waist, and so I put my arm around hers as well, and that was literally all I could focus on. I didn't even realise that she was proper hugging me until I saw my m&g picture a few days later!

So after the picture was taken, I said "Thank you" to her, and I thought that was gonna be that, which made me feel a bit disappointed. But as I was walking away, she reached out her hand to me and was like "Nice to meet you". So I glanced back at her and reached for her hand as well; and I said "You too" with like a huge but nervous smile on my face. And that was it.. It was really only around 5 seconds that I was in there, but it was the best few seconds of my life.

It wasn't until I was with my mom again that I cried my eyes out and just sobbed from mixed emotions. I definitely wasn't the only one though!

I also tried giving a gift for Demi to the concierge, but they said they weren't accepting any, so I unfortunately didn't get to give my handmade crafts to her.

Afterwards, we watched the concert, in which Demi performed flawlessly, of course!

And that was basically what happened when I met my strong & beautiful idol, Demi Lovato.

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