Monday, 5 January 2015

Olly Murs

I met Olly Murs on September 14, 2013. We found out he was coming to Ohio (where we live) when my mom came home and surprised us in the middle of the night by saying, "Guys Olly Murs is coming to Ohio tomorrow, I heard about it on the radio and there is a free meet and greet and little concert!!" We were so excited, so the next day we got photos of Olly for him to sign later and we took the mini day trip to go see him!

So it was at this little bar in Dayton, Ohio called Adobe Gilas and when we got there, there weren't many people, but there were a few die-hard fans with his merch on. My mom, my sister, and I were so excited because we were only about 10 feet from him the whole time! He did 3 or 4 of his new songs at the time, they were all upbeat and he was dancing the whole time, it was so fun! 
Afterwards there was a meet and greet for him to take pictures with all of us, so we all got in a line around the restaurant and this is when I met his backup people too. So we got up to the front and his manager said there would be no autographs, but then there was a miracle and Olly said, "Oh no! Give me those! I'll sign them!" So we thanked him and took a group photo together, and it was adorable. He then gave me a little kiss on the cheek after I hugged him. I was so infinitely happy at that point. He was still pretty sweaty from being on stage but he still smelled heavenly! We soon had to leave and it was pretty sad :(

BUT then, I realized when we got to the car that I had forgotten to give Olly the bracelet I had planned on giving him (It was a pink bracelet that said PRINCESS on it). So I went back into the bar by myself, and went to go find him. I couldn't find him anywhere so I asked the sound people that were packing up the cords and they said they didn't know where he was. Then one of them said, " Oh he's down there by that car." So I thanked them and ran down the stairs and out of the bar. I crossed the street and went over to him. He and his people were outside an ice cream shop enjoying their cones and when he saw me he smiled and waved. He said, "Oh hey you! How are you doing? Did you enjoy the show?" I told him the show was great, and that I was good. I refrained from being creepy, it was difficult. Then I asked him how his ice cream was and he smiled and said, "Oh gosh it's good." I gave him the bracelet and his face lit up and he we had a little laugh and said, "Am I a Princess now?" haha, he loved it! Then he asked me, "Do you wanna take another photo together?" Of course I said I would love to, so he stepped closer to me, taking my phone in one hand and juggling his wallet and ice cream and other things in his other hand (you can see all his stuff in our selfie). He took the great picture of us and when it said saved on the screen he went to my gallery and clicked on it and said, "Now that's a good one." He had on his fabulous smile and you can't tell on the picture but he good. I can't even describe it. Then just as I was pulling away he snuck a quick kiss onto my cheek and I was probably blushing like crazy thinking, "Oh my god, I've been kissed by Olly Murs twice in one day!"

So we said our goodbyes, I ran back to find my family, who then went back to Olly to see him again. Hopefully we weren't bothering him at this point. But as soon as he saw me he was just like, "Oh you're back!" I took a cute photo of him and my little sister bear-hugging the heck out of him. Luckily he was looking straight at me, so it was a good picture. Also my mom got another hug, but I couldn't take the photo quick enough with my phone at the time. So then we said our...third set of goodbyes and we went off on our way. :) Best. Day. Ever.

Then to top it all off, he had another huge concert that night, and when I watched the video of it, he was still wearing the bracelet I gave him! Amazing!


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