Friday, 25 January 2013

The Wanted

I couldn't of wished for a better day!! It was so amazing! I woke up at 6am to catch a train at 7. The Wanted were doing a private gig for some competition winners at a Radio station station in Richmond (a close suburb of Melbourne). So mum and I found our way from Richmond train station at 9 o'clock to the radio stations building, and saw all these obvious #TWFanmily members sitting under shelter near the entrance to the building. I sit down with 3 girls (Emily, Maddie and Imogen)and they tell me how they have been there since 3 am this morning! DEDICATION!!! Anyway, I wait for about an hour and one of my Twitter friends, Claudia showed up! It was so awesome to meet her again! We sat for about an hour in the cold! D: Everytime a car would drive past, Claudia and I would look and sometimes stand up. At about 10:30, everyone was starting to lose hope. The terms and conditions of the compeitition had said that the gig would start at 10:30! Claudia and I saw this white car start to pull into the drive way waiting for the boom gate to open. Only us two saw this! We stood up and went outside the shelter and noticed that this white car had two big black four wheeled drives following it! The windows were completly black and you couldn't see through them. We stood there for a good 2 minutes trying to look through these tinted windows but they were just so black! Impossible to see through! I was looking at the first black car for a while when suddenly a hand waved at me! Confused, Claudia and I waved back! I think It was Big Kev, The Wanted's security guy!!! Finally the white car got through the boom gateand drived through to the carpark. I'm pretty sure I shouted "THEY'RE HERE!". And Claudia and I ran to the carpark and saw the car and everyone screaming. Nathan had opened the door and was waving! Tbh the first few things I thought when I saw him were 1. He's so white! 2. He's skin is so clear! 3. OMG HE'S REAL! He hopped out of the car along with the other boys and was still waving. He looked shocked to be honest. hahaha. Then I yelled out "HELLO NATHAN!". He looked around, and look at me and said "Hello!" I was so happy so once all the boys got out of the car they had to walk up a ramp into the building. Claudia and I (The smarties we are!) were standing at the edge of that ramp. I saw Tom walking up the ramp when he turned his head, saw me, and literally leaned over the give me a hug! I reached back and he gave me a hug for like a second kiss on the cheek! Then he did the same with Claudia!! It was so amazing! We were the first girls to get hugs/kisses off them today! Everyone was really happy for us too! Claudia and i literally started screaming and crying and we hugged eachother! It was so amazing! Then the drivers had to park the cars so we had to move. Then everyone started moving into the building. We followed them and we all sat in the lobby on the floor. There was around 30 o 40 of us by the way. So we're waiting when this girl, sitting near a broken elevater says "I think I can hear CTS coming through this elevator!" I walked over with Claudia and I could hear a guitar playing! Then I said "Oh my god! I can actually hear a guitar playing!" Of course everyone ran over and tried to listen. We all piled into the broken elevater but then all we could hear was creepy elevater music! "-.- So we're sitting down for about half and hour when this angry short dude wearing a scarf comes down and says "BE QUIET! WE HAVE BUSINESSES AND THEY'RE TRYING TO WORK! IF YOU DONT BE QUIET WE'LL KICK YOU OUT INTO THE RAIN!" "-.- After a full hour and a half of waiting the elevater starts to move. Competition winners are coming down. Then papaperazzi. Then a really familer group of people came down. The room when silent then someone yelled "BRIAN!" It was The Wanted's hair stylist! He looked quite scared actually! Then the angry scarf guy comes out and says "Everybody stand back! The guys are abaout to come down. Let them come to you and don't jump all over them. They will come to you!" Then the elevater started to open and out popped Big Kev! The boys followed and they spread arounf the little half circle we had made!! Max the closest to me and when he go to me I said "Hi Max!" and he said "Hi!" I said "Here you go". He said "What's this?!" I said "It's a Kookaburra!" He said "Aww wicked! Thats awesome!" He was much quiter than i expected. I really expected him to be crazy and jumping around everywhere like Tom was! haha! His accent wasn't as thick as at sounds in the flips. Then we got a picture! Some guy from the Herald Sun was there and took a picture of us two together! But mum as taking one at the same two. So unfortunantly Max was looking at the Photographer and I was looking at mum so my picture didnt turn out well :( Then after a bit I saw Nathan getting close! He was so much taller than I had expected! He was holding a coke can so I was like "Everybody get coke....CA COLA!" :3 Then he got closer to me and I said "Hi Nathan!" And he said "Hello!" He gave me the best hug and asked me "How have you been?" I was like "Good!" It was the longest and best hug I have ever had. He like held me forever and he was stroking my arm and he smelt so good :') haha! Then he finally let go and I handed him a stuffed koala! He said "Whats this?!" And I said "A koala!" He was like "Aww cute! Thanx so much!" And i think he gave me another hug. (Sorry can't remember. It was such a blur!) Then my mum was like "Can I have a hug off Nathan?" and he's like "Aww come here!" and he gave her a hug and mum said "Have a great time in Australia/" and he said "Aww thank you. Thank you very much." Then mum pointed to me and said "This is my little girl!" (How embarresing)and he said "Hey?" and she repeated myself. Then he said "Aww Bless her! She's so cute!" ASDFGHJKL;;''DLL;KNYEDF Then he said (I guess referring to Melbourne) "Its really good. It's so nice! I wish it was a bit hotter!" Then he got a hug with Claudia then BOOM Siva appeared! I was like OMG SIVA'S CHEECKBONES HOLY CRAP! He finally got to me after getting pictures with all the other girls. I said "Hi Siva!" and he said "Hello!" and he gave me a hug! Then said to Claudia "Do you want a hug?" and shes like "SURE!" Then he said to mum,"Come here darling" and gave her a hug! Mum said he kissed her on the neck! Then I handed him the NOW FAMOUS toy platypus! and I'm like Platypus! and then he said "Thank you so much!" Then we got a picture and he walked away. Then I realized I hadn't had my hoodie signed by anyone yet! I ran to Siva and I said "Siva! Could you please do me a favour and sign my jumper?" and he's like "Yea sure!" HE SIGNED MY JACKET! OMG! And we made eye contact while I asked him :') Then I was like, AHHH CRAP! JAY! So I bolt to Jay on the other side of the room and I was fangirling. :3 Then the angry guy with a scarf, is like "GOTTA GO GUYS! SORRY GUYS!" And everyone was like awww nooo! Even though the angry scarf guy said that the boys continued to hug and meet fans! The angry scarf dude said it again while Jay was hugging another girl and I think he could tell I looked so dissapointed. :( We made eye-contact through the girl he was hugging at the time's hair and once he let go of her, I quickly gave him the toy emu I had for him and he said "Awww! Come here!" adn he pulled me in a gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the check!! :') Then he said "Do you want a picture?" and I'm like "YES!" So we got a picture and then he left :( I didn't get to see them leave but I did yell bye. Hot hits had another competition was to go on a shopping spree with TW at a massive shopping centre called Melbourne Centeral. So mum, Claudia and I caught the tram and the train and found Emily, Maddie and Imogene and followed them around until we got to "The corner". The terms and conditions of this prize said that TW would arrive at 1:30 but they were an hour late! haha. There were us 5 girls sitting on these seats for an hour meeting the boys and when we saw everyone running, we chased after them to see that The Wanted were in a shop. They were picking up tops and showing them to the girl who won the comp. Jay put a hat on Max while he was talking to one of the shop guys ahha. Then they moved to another shop. Nobody was allowed in these shops while they were there. Claudia and I later moved down and waited. TW walked down near us and I was baout 5 metres from Max and I shouted out "Hello Max!" and he looked at me and said "Hello!" He waved and then winked! I WAS LIKE AJDURGFBNF. They walked into a sports shop and Jay picked up this red shoe. Then I stood on my tip toes, as I was at the back of the crowd and pointed my ipod at the store to take a video. I could see Max. We made eye contact again and he pointed at me like I was in trouble! hahaha!! The Claudia and I went down the escultor, which takes you outside. We found a black car like the one they arrived in at the radio station. Then we saw them come down and walk to the car. Max shut the door and then he opened it again! Max pulled this little girl from the crowd into the car and her dad got a picture :') It was so cute! Then they shut the door again and left! We all shouted goodbye and it was amazing! Once they left, Claudia and I went back to the shops they were in and took pictures with the clothes they touched! :') We even looked in the mirror Tom looked in :3 When i finally got home at 6pm I checkeed Twitter and Siva had tweeted the Platypus I gave him!!!! AND MY NAME WAS TRENDING IN AUSTRALIA!! AHH! It was the best day of my life!! If you are reading this... you obviously like reading. I think I go into depth too much........hahaha......awkward.....this has been a long twit longer....that must make it a twitlongerererer.....Today was perfect! I couldnt of asked for anything better! Bye


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