Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cheryl Cole

Well, on the 1st of December 2012 i met Cheryl Cole. I only found out a few days before that she was doing a book signing for her book 'Cheryl: My Story' so i begged my mum to let me go. She said yes but it was part of my christmas presents. I was so happy and rang all of my friends to tell them! On the saturday i got ready and had butterflies in my belly all morning, i couldnt believe it! i was on the train with my mum it took us a while to get to London as i am from Preston but it was worth it. We finally arrived in London and we walked around for an hour or two as we had plenty of time before meeting Cheryl. At about 1.45pm we set off to find the hotel where we would meet Cheryl, we finally found it and there was a que outside.. it was not that big though. I got speaking to some soldiers and they were all lovely! The staff at the hotel were really nice, when we got inside it was so big and posh. You could see the table with loads of books, thats where Cheryl would be sitting in a few hours. I just could not believe it. There was free tea and coffee and the staff came round with choclates for everyone! As the time got nearer everyone started chanting 'CHERYL!! Cheryl!!' The atmosphere was amazing! Cheryl walked out and everyone started screaming i was so nervous! when we got near to the front one of the staff to my bag and i was pearing through these board things to see if i could see Cheryl and the security kept telling me stop it.. but i just couldnt help it. It was finally my turn to meet her. She loked beautiful just i had imagined! She had massive brown eyes and was look right at me, i burst into tears with my head in my hands! (i said i was not going to cry) she held my hand and said i was really pretty. She said my name properly and got it right first time! she said it was a lovely name! we then got our photo taken. She said it was lovely meeting me and i was just so speachless, my mum said to her 'Cheryl thankyou, this is one of her best christmas presents ever!' she was still holding me hand saying are you okay? she wrote in my book ' To Mairead, happy christmas' and then her autograph. I said good bye and she said 'bye babe' then i said good bye to Lily. All of the other soldiers in the que were saying 'awww' to me because i was crying and i got all embaressed! My dream came true! Dont give up!


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