Sunday, 4 January 2015

Demi Lovato

It was one of my best days of my life in fact so good I saw demi lovato like 2 times in the one year, started away back early 2014 I said to my sisters Demi's coming to London wonna go we got ticket thankfully so grateful for that as a lot of people didn't get them, the time came we left Glasgow on the 30th of June got to London on the 1st she was playing in Koko that night, wee got to Koko about half 9am sat there all day waiting for demi to turn up, she came around about 3pm where we where standing wee got to see her by the time we got over the fences she was almost in the building she waves and blow kisses to everyone, at that point I was so start struck my sister said I got the two of you's in the picture made my day I had my 1st real demi lovato picture with me in the back ground lol any way that night got even better demi had to go and do the surf the crowd demi lovato style she was amazing glad I had the chances to see her in London in concert, came home few weeks went by got a email saying she's coming back to uk in November at some time,my heart was going crazy so that was me on the hunt trying to find out about tickets then they came out saying she was coming to my town Glasgow I was over the moon I had to get tickets, she was doing m&G every where else so I said to my sisters wee have to get these tickets could be the only chance so again we where very lucky to get the concert tickets for demi again, m&g tickets where like 210pound really I didn't care about the prices I had to meet her again but this time be right beside her..anyways that day came 22nd of November 2014 me and my sister got to the venue about back of 3 waited till the doors opened went in and Demi's makeup artists was the one that was taking the names and giving us the bags with a demi T-shirt poster and also a demi world tour bag and some card thing that went around ur we al stud waiting to meet demi Al talking to other fans. Again Demi's makeup artist came out saying we where going to see here very soon but because demi was doing hospital visits the next day wee couldn't cuddle her a few people where upset I wasn't bothered I just wonted to say something like hi to her, the time came we had to leave the bags on table stand in a line till they said ur next u went in behind the curtain she was standing here,she real my sister said to her, I said to her hi how's it going she smiled and said good thanks took the picture and shouted As I had to leave Iove you, it was all over in 3 minutes but it was the best 3 minutes of my life I now no she is very much real and I am so grateful I got the chances to meet her in my own town, her concert was amazing just as good as the 1st one back in July wish she was on longer tho ,roll on 2015 because she said she's coming back very soon, thanks for reading this guy ... Victory handGrinning face with smiling eyes

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