Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cheryl Cole

As most of you are aware, on the 1st of December 2012 I met Cheryl Cole for the first time! People have always said she is much more perfect face to face and now I can honestly say she is.

Me and my dad caught the 14.11 train, arrived at London Victoria at 15.57, got on the tube at 15.59, and got off at embankment at 16.03, then we walked around London to find the Corinthia Hotel, it took a while, we had no clue where it was or where we were going, at about 16.20 we found it and got our wristbands and in the not too distant future we'd met CHERYL COLE.We were on the queue for a while, and we were one of the last people she saw which was nice, we both were signing along to AML the whole time, and it passed so quickly.We were getting nearer and nearer the front and our bags have just been taken of us which means we're getting very close! Luckily I got to keep the bag full of curly wurlys and the fanbook for Cheryl.As we got closer, a secuity guard came and spoke to us and me and my dad explained what happened at the 02 when we went to the AML tour and he said I was doing very well and should be proud of myself and I was. (For those of you who don't know, we got to give our tickets over and go to our seats in the 02 arena and I burst into tears and wanted to go home because I felt I couldn't go in and got in such a state but luckily I went in and had the best time EVER! Everyone was expecting me to be the same at the book signing but I wasn't, I didn't cry til after!)We were next, the security guard was explaining what was about to happen, and he told me to put my stuff for Cheryl on the table and that Lily would take it for her and I was like thank you!Then my time came... I met Cheryl Cole. She was so lovely, so pretty, so kind, so caring, everything and more I expected her to be!Our conversation went as follows:Me: *as I walk over to Cheryl* *I'm shaking like a leaf and freaking out big time at this point* OMG!Cheryl: Hiya Babe! *smiles and face lights up when she sees what I've got her as I give it to Lily*Me: HelloCheryl: How are you?Me: I'm good, how are you?Cheryl: I'm good thank you!Me: I loved you on tour!Cheryl: Did you enjoy it?Me: YeahCheryl: Did you go to the London one?Me: Yeah*we have our picture at this moment by which time I forget everything and go blank and don't know what to say next*Cheryl: Thanks Angie!Me: Thank you!Cheryl: Lovely to meet you!Me: Lovely to meet you too!Then my dad says you alright? bit of a stupid question really and then he said thanks Cheryl! And she smiled and waved at him cause my dad couldn't get a wristbad as it had sold out so he was by the door so she didn't exactly meet him but she acknowledged he was there!On the train back, me and my dad were stood up for most of it, so my legs are sore today but its worth it, and I broke down in tears and was a wreck the entire way home and my mum met us at the train statio and she was like "AHHHHHH" really loudly cause it's what I do whenever I see her on anything so I said "AHHHHHH" back and everyone looked at us but we didn't care!So that is it, that's what happened when I met Cheryl, I wish I spoke more and said more but the whole time she was looking into my eyes and I was looking into her eyes and she just didn't look real. Like she looks stunning in pictures but she looks even more perfect face to face. So I think I got a bit too star struck and was lost for words so I can't wait for the next signing of any kind so I can meet her again and have a proper conversation with her.Writing this now my heart is pounding! I'm the happiest alive, my idol follows me, she's met me, signed my book, i've got a picture with her, and all in the space of 3 months, so if you're reading this and haven't met Cheryl... Remember DREAMS DO COME TRUE AND THEY ARE WORTH THE WAIT!! I've waited 10 years for yesterday and it was well worth it!!


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