Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cheryl Cole

18/06/12 I was like right near the front of the queue when she came out! Because Dannie let me and Chloe push in with her, because we had to leave early...:( Next thing we know&see is Cheryl coming out! Jsbnsjbdjsb & camera's ! Because we are on Sky News ! (Me and Chloe got in the camera's !! :D ...hopefully Cheryl saw us!!!) And Lily kept looking at me!!! Kdsbdhffdnsdan!!! I saw her drink her starbucks too!!! And there was a starbucks next to Cheryl too!!! Which was either Lily's or hers!!!!! :D.. When I was like the fifth person from the front, I let other people go infront cos they were before us.... As soon as I was next I saw her, looked at chlo! Then looked at her and started shaking and crying! And I never, ever, ever shake! I mean like ever! Except from Westfield!<3 <3 .. And then the lady said do you want me to take your bag, so then I gave it to her & the lady gave the man who was standing next to Cheryl my CD cover with my post-it note which said 'Shannon Douglas <3 xxx" and then as soon as it was my turn to go to Cheryl I started shaking and crying proper!! And then she was like: "Hiya Shannon:)" I was SOOOOOO shocked that she even knew my name and like said it! Even though it was written down on the post-it note... Haaa. ..I said "hiii" like really shy! X_x .. And then she said: "are you okay?:D" I said: "yes thank you, are you:)" and then she said "yes, thank you:).... Did you camp last night?" Then I said: "no..../: but I left my house at 6am this morning.." And then her and Lily went "awwww:')" ...and it made me go proper shy&squeal! And then I said: "I ...got you-you ...a ..pink...folder over..there (pointing at the folder)...with...curly wurlys ..in" and she had her cute puppy dog eyes&said: "aww:') thank you sooo much!" And then the man said: "are you ready for a photo?" And we both turned to the camera man for our professional photo ! XD it was AMAZABLE !!!!! And then she smiled and then I smiled& then she said here you go babe, and handed me my signed album cover! ...and written on it, it said 'To Shannon Douglas Best Wishes, then her autograph:') CHERYL<3*star*x' ...and then she said: "bye:)" and then I said: "bye:D" and then grabbed my bag, looked back at chloe&cheryl&lily and walked down the curly stairs and I couldn't walk properly, because I was shaking so much&plus I couldn't see properly, because my eyes were filled too much with tears!<3 <3 that day was perfect! To meet my number one idol! With my best friend!<3 <3


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