Sunday, 5 August 2012

X-Factor 2010 Finalists

My auntie had got me XFactor Tour tickets for Christmas because i was a big fan of Cher Lloyd and One Direction. The concert was on the 8th of April 2011 in Cardiff. i went to the concert with my mum, auntie and my little cousin. When we got to the arena we bought our merchandise and tour programs. After that, we went to our seats. We had got there early and on the big screen was a competition where you had to text the correct answer to the question. The question was 'Who was One Directions mentor? a) Louis b)Simon c) Cheryl' My mum text 'B Simon@ about 5 times and i text it myself once. Throughout the show i checked my phone and i had 2 text messages, one was from 'XFactor2011' and the other was from a mobile number i did not know. they both said the same thing .. 'congratulations you are the winner of the competition, please come to the right hand side of the stage at the end of one Direction Kids in America to meet Gavin'. i was so excited! When One direction started singing kids in america we all ran down to the stage where we met the tour manager Gavin :) he took me backstage with my mum, auntie and cousin to meet everyone! First was Mary Byrne, she was lovely but mainly spoke to my mum and auntie! that day i had bought her CD for my nan so i asked her to sign it for my nan, she was over the moon that we had got her CD and signed it for us. One Direction came off stage and came straight over. They went to my auntie and mum first and they all shook hands, they then went over to my little cousin and did this hand shake thing. Harry came to me first, wrapped his arms around me and gave me a kiss on the lips! Louis was next, he too gave me a hug and a kiss, as did Niall! Zayn and Liam only gave me hugs, but it was Amazing. Cher came straight over to me and we spoke for ages and she signed my phone case and my ipod. All the others were nice too but they were the main ones really! Matt Cardle was soo cute. He was really quiet and seemed quite shy! As i had won the competition i was given a free prgoram which everyone signed for me! Before i left, i asked them all to follow me on twitter and we had a huge group photo! Cher Lloyd was the only one who actually did follow me. It was a really good day and im gratefull that i was lucky enough for the opportunity :) 

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