Sunday, 5 August 2012

Little Mix


I had heard that Little Mix were doing a radio tour and wanted to go, so I looked at where my nearest station was and it was Signal 1 in Stoke. They were suppose to be at the radio station at 3pm. When I first saw this I was gutted as school didnt finish until 3:15 and Stoke is 30 mins away. Then I found out we had half a day. When school finished at 1pm, me and my friend got the train to Stoke and headed to the radio station. We got there at about 2pm. It got to 3pm and we were all wondering where the girls were. We then found out that they weree running an hour behind. When they finally arrived, just after 4pm, they were rushed into the building saying a brief Hi to everyone. We then waited about another 30 mins and their tour manager came out telling us to make a path for the girls to walk down to get to the car and he said that as they were running so late they girls could only sign a couple of things! Because we were told we werent allowed pictures, I really wanted to try and get one with Jade, my favorite. Jesy was out first, I got her autograph and we also handed Jesy our fanbook; she was so happy and nice when we gave it to her! Then Leigh-Anne came out and I got a picture with her and her autograph! Then Jade came so I got her autograph and a picture too! Then finally it was Perrie and I got a picture with her but she was getting rushed down to the car and didnt manage to get her autograph! 
All of the girls were so lovely and even though they were told they werent allowed, they stayed and had pictures which was so nice of them all!!

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