Sunday, 5 August 2012

Harry Styles

I have been a fan of 1D since they were first shown on TV on the X-Factor back in 2010 and have always wanted to meet them. I have tried so many times to meet them, but never have met them. 
In February of this year I heard that Harry Styles was at home in Holmes Chapel and I really wanted to go down and try and meet him. Because it was snowing and pitch black outside I thought not many fans would be there, so me and my 2 friends took the chance and went down to Holmes Chapel. We only live 10 minutes from his house, so it didnt take long to get there. 
We got to his house at just after half 5ish and were stood waiting just besides his house. We waited til just before 7 and thought about leaving as we didnt see any sign of Harry. We then saw his Black Range Rover go round the back of his house, so we ran after the car, down the little back lane. By the time we got there he was just jumping over his back garden fence and heading into his kitchen. We could see him stood in the kitchen and so I shouted "Harry" and he waved at us. We then headed around the front where a Taxi was waiting for him and his family as they were going out to Rosso in Manchester for Harry's Birthday meal. While we were waiting round the front his stepdad, Robin, came out and spoke to us all saying not to scream when Harry came out. It got to around 7:15pm and Harry walked out the house and down the drive, followed by his family. He didnt have time for pictures or anything as he was already running late for the taxi, so I walked infront of him and asked for a hug and he said yes! Then while I was hugging him I said, "I love you" and he then said "I love you too".  He then headed towards the taxi. All of his family were so lovely to all the fans too. Even though we only were with him for a minute it was amazing and Harry was so Lovely. 
We then headed back to the car to go home, then while we were heading home Harrys taxi was following us for a bit! I was in complete shock that I had just met Harry Styles, and that he was in the Car behind us!! 

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