Sunday, 5 August 2012

Cheryl Cole

Ok so I met Cheryl on the 24th February 2012 at her stylist pick signing in westfields shopping centre.
I went with my mum and baby brother and I remember like walking into the center seeing these girls with "I <3 Cheryl" hoodies having a fag with their rollers in! We went up to where the queue was and it was so long I thought I'd never mEet her. We were there for over 9 and a half hours but I met some amazing soldiers that day! Cheryl was only supposed to be there for 2 hours meeting everyone but it got to 8 o'clock and there was still so many people waiting so she stayed and met all of us, I was so nervous to be meeting one of my idols, we was next in the que and my brother started crying so the security guard started playing with a bottle making me laugh! Finally it was our go and I walked round to see my role model smiling up at me:) :D! Then she saw my brother and gasped and whispered in her perfect accent "can I hold him". She sat and held him playing for about 10 minutes and kept telling my mum he was "gorgeous" and "so cute". Then I saw Gary Tweedy take a picture on someone else's' phone and I was thinking "OMG is that Cheryl phone?!". Then she turned to me and said "hello big sis what's your name?" I just stared at her and went ".....lauren! I LOvE YOU" she laughed and signed my picture, then Lily (her assistant) whispered "chez you can only sign that, we're already late", Cheryl just smiled and signed my book and my calendar then asked me "what's your last name lauren" I managed to stutter it out and she laughed and asked "how old are you, did you skip school today?" She laughed again I was just like ahhh, "I'm 14 and yeah I did. Your worth it Cheryl!". Then. I had my pic taken and she held my hand then hugged me and said "be a good girl for your mum and look after your brother, have you got any other brothers? How old is he" then she said "well I bet he's as gorgeous as yous two:)". Unfortunately that was it :( but we got a gift bag from lo real Paris! Definitely the best day of my life and I'm hoping to meet her again :) xx. I walked out with my legs like jelly trying to not cry infront of the fit gay guy from the que ;) best day ever!!!


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