Wednesday, 1 August 2012


JLS. Where do i begin they are 4 incredibly talented boys,who went from rehearsing in a studio in london to selling out arena tours. Im proud to call myself a JLSter. They make me so proud and happy. I met Marvin,Aston,JB and Oritse on the 11th of November in 2011 (11/11/11). It was the best day of my life. I waited in line for about 3-4 hours,but it was worth it. They was so nice and you could tell they were so happy seeing JLSters coming out to say hello and for their brand new album 'Jukebox'. You werent meant to take pictures but of course the boys weren't going to stop fans getting pictures with their idols! i only got a picture with marvin because the line was moving very fast! I kissed marvin on the cheek got a hug and gave him my letter for him and the boys! He put it in his right back pocket! He was so grateful for it. I love marvin so much! But the other boys mean just as much to me. I went to see them in concert on the 9th of april 2012. That along with meeting them was INCREDIBLE! I was standing so i q'd from 10 in the morning until the doors opened at half 6. I got the front and my dreams came through that night! Marvin laughed at me because i was crying to him,He sang a part of love you more to me directly into my eyes! 'Day 1 first laid my eyes on you day 2 i cant help but think of you day 3 was the same as day 2 day 4 i fell in love with you! We sang that to each other and that is a moment ill never forget! i made a JLS poster and a Marvin humes i love you poster in green and a picture of us attached to it! He read it and said 'i love you too'. Me and my friend we threw a t shirt on stage and they saw it and were standing over it but someone took it off but they said to us they would get it! Aston waved to me,JB smiled to me and oritse  looked at me directly in the eyes. Im a bit obsessed with the boys! They deserve every bit of success they get and more! #JLSWorldDomination is about to happen! those 4 boys mean everything to me and i dont know what i would be like without them. My room is full of JLS stuff. JLSter forever and always. Marvin Humes, Aston Merrygold, Johnathan Benjamin 'JB' Gill and Oritse Williams! JLS started because Oritse wanted to help his mum as she was sick. So inspiring. 


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