Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I had been to see JLS on friday 16th march at the LG Arena and they were due to do another show there on the saturday. Me and my friends decided that we were definitely going to meet JLS then so we headed to the arena at 10 and we got there at half past as we were unsure when they would arrive. There were about 20 fans there at the start but more came during the day and about 100+ were there at the end. The security outside said JLS would arrive at 3 but they were fashionably late! 2 of there support acts arrived at around 3, NVS were lovely and I had a picture with them and they gave out signed postcards. Vida chatted to us for a bit as well. Just before 5 we were all getting very impatient as many tour buses had been coming and going but no sign of the boys. At just before 5:05 a tour bus arrived and I asked the security man who was in there and he pointed at my JLS top. THEY WERE HERE! As they were late they split in to 2s so every fan could see at least 2 of them. Luckily for me Aston and Oritse came to our side. As we were near the end we saw them quite soon. Oritse came to me first and signed my 2 book, he posed for a picture with me and we had a hug and he smelt gorgeous! Aston came next and did exactly the same! The boys were so lovely to all the fans and when one got upset Oritse gave her a huge hug! It was the best day of my life!!!!


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