Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cheryl Cole

I met Cheryl cole on the 19th June 2012! I've loved her since 2007 and have basically tried to meet her many times but never was lucky enough to actually meet her. I found out she was going to do a signing in Newcastle for her new album so I camped out on the Monday night from 8pm waiting for her in the pouring rain till Tuesday morning at 8am when they were going to hand out wristbands. The feeling was indescribable when I was one of the lucky ones that was given a wristband. I then went home and got myself ready for the best few minutes of my life! I came back to the hmv shop to wait in a queue with 500 other people until it was my turn to meet my idol.
I was pretty much hyperventilating in the queue when I saw her, my best friend tried to calm me down and wipe my tears away before it was my turn. I walked up to her crying I couldn't even look at her as it didn't seem real she was beautiful. I was shaking and she just looked at me and the first thing she said to me was "well you have really pretty eyes". She made me cry even more. We had such a nice conversation
Which I will pretty much never forget, I have also bought meet and greet tickets for her tour which I told her about and she told me she was so excited to meet me again and how she really does love me! 
I'm extremely excited to meet her again because meeting someone that inspires you so much through music is the best feeling ever. She made my dream come true!:) 
Camping outside for 12 hours in the rain was totally worth it!:) 

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