Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Cheryl Cole

On the 19th June 2012 i met Cheryl Cole, the best day of my life. At twenty to six in the morning we stood in a queue outside of HMV to get our wristband to meet Cheryl. We stood there for about 3 hours until we got our wristband, at 9 o clock we got our wristband, it was pink. I was so excited! We went back up at 4 o clock to stand in the queue to meet Cheryl. I had wrote Cheryl a letter and i went to card factory to buy her a balloon for her birthday. The queue went down and the security told us to go in. We were standing inside for about 40 minutes. I could see her because i kept jumping up and down to see her sitting at the table. I had to leave my letter and balloon on a table with the other gifts other fans had gave her. Then.. It was my turn, i was so nervous. Me and Cheryl had a conversation, she was stunning and her accent was amazing, it was pure Geordie, i am a geordie as well so we had the same accent. Cheryl posed for a picture with me and signed my CD. I walked out the shop speechless. I jumped up and down shouting that i had just met Cheryl Cole. I still cant believe i met my inspiration. I love Cheryl Cole.


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