Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Olly Murs

I found out Olly Murs was doing a album signing at HMV in Newcastle so me and a few friends went to Newcastle early in the morning on 30th November. HMV gave out free wristbands to go to the signing later that day, however there was a lot of pushing in the crowd to get the wristbands. At around 2pm people began to form a line outside HMV so me and my friends joined the queue. We were in the middle of the queue and the queue was massive so it took 4 hours until we could go and meet him. When it was my turn to meet Olly I started shaking uncontrollably because I actually adore him! He signed both my albums and I got a picture taken with him, we kissed each other and he thanked me for coming and called me a sweetheart. I honestly think he's one of the most friendliest celebs out there. 


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