Wednesday, 1 August 2012


On the 26th January 2011 i met JLS, the best day of my life. I got up really early in the morning to stand in the queue for my wristband, i put my blue JLS hoodie on for my special day. We arrived at about half 5 in the morning. There was about 30 people in front of me but as the day went on there was at least 400-500 people in the queue. I got my wristband at about 9 o clock in the morning, it was blue. The smile on my face was very big! We went back up at 12 o clock in the afternoon to stand in the queue to meet the boys. I was so excited because i was going to be face to face with my inspirations. The queue went down! I was getting so nervous, my legs started to feel like jelly, i still couldnt believe that in less than half an hour i was going to meet JLS! We got in to WHSmith, the queue was going down quite quickly, i was standing on book shelves to try and get a glimpse of the boys. Then.. It was my turn, i didnt get to talk to JB but he smiled and waved and signed my book for me, Marvin spoke to me and he called me darling and signed my book for me, Oritse spoke to me and he called me cute and signed my book for me, Aston spoke to me and said he loved my name and he signed my book for me, i walked out the shop speechless, i couldnt believe it, i started jumping up and down shouting i had just met JLS. And today i cant believe i have met the boys. I also attended the radio tour but the crowd was so big that i didnt get to speak to they boys but i seen them and they all waved and blew kisses. I really love JLS.


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