Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I first met John and Edward in London on the 13th of February 2011; it was 2 days after They had Won Eurosong and been chosen to represent Ireland in Eurovision with Their song Lipstick. So when Me and My Sister found out They were going to be in the Dancing on Ice audience to support Vanilla Ice; We went to The May Fair Hotel around 12pm and met up with Fans to Celebrate while We waited. When the @planetjedward Tweet was about Planes We got excited knowing that They were getting a Flight and would be arriving soon. By around 6.15pm They hadn't turned up yet and We were starting to think They had gone directly to the Studio; when suddenly, John and Edward jumped out from a Car across the Road and ran over to Fans. Within seconds there was a mob surrounding John and another around Edward...I hovered about before going over to Edward and got kinda starstruck just being that close to Him...He asked Who hadn't got a Picture and without thinking I pointed to Myself and said "Me", next thing I knew, He had grabbed My Phone with 1 hand, grabbed Me and put His other Arm around Me to take a Picture before realising it was set to Video. I got awkward and tried to change it to Camera but He kept it recording and asked My Name. I walked over to John as Their Road Manager was pulling Him away because They had to leave...

I went back to the Hotel the next Month and both Twins were getting ready to go back in as I walked over. When Edward saw Me He gave Me a Hug and turned Me 'round to pose for a Picture. We spoke about the Winged Jacket He was wearing and when He saw My Sister's Tattoos He asked Me if He should get one saying John; I said it was up to Him and We spoke some more about random things and He pointed out that We were wearing similar Shoes...I walked towards John and He came over asking if We were staying at the Hotel, or there for JLS; He smiled when We said We were there for Him and Edward, and asked if We had met before, why hadn't We got Pictures. I said that it was rushed before and He put His Arm around Me telling My Sister to take Pictures. We just stood chatting for a few minutes then when I gave Him My Twitter Name He Hugged Me and whispered that He would DM Me and that He would be back out...After a few minutes with Fans when He walked back out, John said to My Sister "You're the Girl with the Tattoos" then put His Arm around Me and said "Hey Sarah, let's get some Pictures" I was shocked and Happy that He knew My Name and wanted more Pictures! It was great to have got Hugs, Chats and Pictures with both of The Twins and They were so Lovely. There were Fans there Who were meeting Them for the first time and others Who had met Them loads; John and Edward made time for Everyone.

I have since met John and Edward at Hotels, Studios, Airport, Signings, Meet and Greets, Panto, Tour Venues and been to Shops with Them. I have been to new places, done new things and made new Friends.

John and Edward have a great connection with Their Fans and treat Us so well, making Everyone feel included. They take a genuine interest; when They say They've seen Our Twitters They can tell Us things We have Tweeted and Pictures We've posted, They remember Names and facts, times We have met before and things We spoke about...I hadn't gone out of My way to meet any Celebrity before as I didn't want to be disappointed and when I've met any randomly, They haven't always been as I expected. I wanted to meet The Twins and after hearing so many good experience stories, I can honestly say They more than lived up to the hype; I instantly couldn't wait to see Them again and everytime I meet Them makes Me feel the same.


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