Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I had been a fan of John and Edward Grimes (Jedward) since their X Factor days.  I loved their boundless enthusiasm and excitement, and their wonderfully positive attitudes, despite all of the negativity they faced. In time, they helped to change my own outlook on life, and I became a much happier person because of them.  For a long time my dream had been to meet them, but I honestly never thought that would happen, it seemed so unlikely. 
In February of this year, I found out from a friend who had met them before, that the twins would be in London for a few days, and she gave me the name of the hotel they would be staying at, and also directions on how to get there.  I was determined that I had to go and meet them, this could be my only chance, and I couldn’t let that pass me by.  
The morning of the 29th, I felt that something special was going to happen. Throughout the day I tried not to get too excited, I didn’t know with absolute certainty at that point that I would be meeting them, but I knew there was a very strong possibility I would.
On the train up to London I was still having a few doubts; I felt that it was all too good to be true. It wasn’t until 8pm that evening when I was stood outside in the freezing cold, waiting with about thirty other fans that it hit me, this was real.  I hadn’t had much sleep or anything to eat, so I was literally running on excitement by that point.  
An hour passed and lots of random people had gone in and out of the hotel, I kept hoping that the twins would soon appear. It was around forty five minutes later that they did, dressed in denim jackets and black, skinny jeans, they also wore their hair flat. 
I had felt certain that I would freak out when I first saw them, but instead suddenly I felt this weird calmness descend over me, like nothing in that moment mattered apart from them, it’s kind of hard to explain but I felt so at peace with everything just then.
I walked towards them, John was hugging some other fans then he turned to me.  He gave me an amazing hug, which left me a little bit stunned but thankfully not lost for words.  Then we spoke briefly and he showed a genuine interest in what I had to say, I felt so happy. I had heard from many people how good the twins were with their fans, but John was so friendly, it didn’t feel like it was only the first time I had ever met him. 
 After a couple of minutes he then went to greet other fans, so I went and stood with the group of fans that were around Edward. I waited patiently for him to notice me, then he looked my way and he actually looked pleased to see me there, even though we had never met before. He asked loads of questions and hugged me and then we took a couple of pictures.
I asked him to sign the hoodie I was wearing, which he was more than happy to do and even did some cute little drawings, and took the time to shade in some lettering. Then he told me to go and get John to sign it, and I told him I would. 
 John was getting a bit mobbed by fans by then, but I eventually managed to catch his attention to ask him if he would also sign my hoodie. He was equally happy to, and even wrote V.I.P on my sleeve, which I thought was so lovely.
Afterwards, I  spoke to Edward a bit more and got one final picture with him,  and a goodbye hug from John and then waved to them when they went back inside their hotel. They had spent about an hour outside with us, making sure everyone got their chance with them, and that nobody went home disappointed.
They are without a doubt, two of the loveliest people that I’ve ever met and I will never understand how anybody has a bad word to say about them.  They were so kind and considerate to me, they took the time to talk and make me feel appreciated, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.
On the train home I couldn’t stop smiling, I’d never felt so happy in all my life. I was getting some odd looks from the other people in the carriage, but I didn’t care. My dream had come true and nobody could take that away from me, and it was the most amazing experience ever!


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