Saturday, 23 June 2012


Hey there guys! My experience of meeting Jedward (well half of Jedward because I only met Edward) was definitely one of the best experiences of my LIFE!!
It was on the 29th of December up in Dublin at the Olympia Theatre, after watching an AWESOME pantomime of ‘Jedward and The Beanstalk’,  that I dragged my friend (who doesn’t particularly the twins) and my Ma and Da out to the stage door in some alley way swamped with crazy Jed-supporters. It was raining, and cold, but that didn’t stop the screaming girls (and the odd lad) from shouting at the building for ‘JEDWARD’ to come out!
Half an hour had passed when the Jedwards decided to randomly stick their spiky heads out of a window up above us. Obviously the crowd went mental, and for another half hour our eyes were going ninety between the door and the window, staring the hell out of them! Oh and there was also an appearance by Séan (sorry I don’t know his real name!) from Fair City, and Linda Martin (who was met with a frosty reception because we all thought she was Jedward).
Eventually, out of nowhere there was a few screams, and then out of nowhere John casually struts down the alleyway as if he was some random dude just passing by. And that’s when the pushing started! There was a riot of fans trying to glomp him, and of course I had to be at the back of that crowd (typical). BUT THEN!!! Aha! Who silently creeps out the stage door only EDWARD! So the crowd then split, and like sheep we all swarmed over to Edward. After some pushing and my hero of a mother shouting at Jedward’s driver (who apparently she knows from Tesco in Carlow) that ‘WE’RE FROM CARLOW’, I eventually managed to worm my way up to the man himself.
I gave Edward my camera and he took it and put his face to mine (much to my pleasure!) and took a very good photo (apart from the fact that I look like a potato compared to him). I then handed him a box which I had wrapped in red puppy Christmas paper and that had badges that I made for them in it. THEN he gave me the most SUPER AWESOME Jedhug!!! It was the squishiest, warmest hug ever! He let go after a while and I just stared up at him with the most stupid star struck face ever (*-O). I felt like an absolute noob because I didn’t know what to say to him, and I expected him to turn to the other screaming fans, but he started a little conversation! I was like GAHHH!! He asked me what my name was, and (after having to think about it for a moment) I told him it was Dearbhlá, which he thought was really cool. Then he wanted to know where I was from and he thought Carlow was cool too! Ih ih! I was playing it real cool with my one word answers... well because honesty nothing else was coming out! My brain and my mouth had decided they didn’t want to communicate at that very moment -_-“. Finally he grabbed my dickie-bow and was like ‘Oh my God that’s so cool!’ I replied in my stupid little bogger voice ‘Ah thanks!’ Then my Ma took my arm, and with that she pulled me away from him!
All that week I was in a severe depression, or some sort of weird mood, where I literally would eat barely anything (which is WEIRD for me because I’m usually a tank when it comes to food!) I also went around like a loser staring at the picture of myself and Ed on my phone. I was in some state, and know that I think back at it, it was quite funny ih ih!
Meeting half of Jedward was soooooo AMAZING! Even though it only lasted around 6 minutes!  Edward was super nice and genuine AND he smelled REALLY GOOD!! I just admire them so much for not giving a crap about what the stupid haters say or do. Jedward just devote all of their time to their fans and they’re literally such nice guys. I love them so much and always will!! <3 J


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