Friday, 10 August 2012

Pixie Lott

The first time I met my beautiful idol Pixie was on 10th December 2010 whilst she was on tour. I had loved her for so long and it was my absolute dream to spend a few seconds with her, I would have pretty much lost limbs just to have that moment. I arrived at the venue about 3pm and I was walking around going crazy at the thought Pixie was in the exact same building as me. I didn't know where to go or what to do, but then I spotted a car parked on the road at the side of the building. I walked up to it and put my face against the glass. I recognized Pixie's bag and teddy bear sitting on the front seat and burst into tears on the floor. What is still surreal now, a man came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder asking me what was wrong. He was security at the building so I didn't expect what was actually about to happen. I just hysterically screamed in his face that I wanted to meet Pixie and that I love her, and he told me to wait there. Then he bought out another man, who I now know as the best manager in the world John (I could actually marry him I love him so much). He put his arm around me and I told him I desperately desperately wanted to meet Pixie. He thought for a moment.. and then pulled me through the doors and told me to follow him! I was crying shaking about to faint as I followed him through all the corridors with arrows everywhere saying 'Pixie Lott dressing room'. There, sitting behind the door was Pixie. She looked perfect and even better than I could have imagined her to be. I collapsed on the floor again crying, I couldn't believe this could happen to me. I spent about twenty minutes just chilling in her dressing room. Pixie told me she liked my cat ears and I took them off and gave them to her immediately, and she wore them on stage for the remaining nights of her tour! I have met Pixie eight times now and I still cry about the fact she knows my name. Every single one has been just as overwhelming as the first, going to her party, going backstage at other concerts, all sorts of unbelievable things. And along the way I've gained best friends for life in her other fans which is priceless. Pixie has changed my life and I'll spend the rest of it trying to repay her for being such a wonderful person and for all the incredible things she has done for me. I promise there is nobody quite like her, and I can't wait to be there as she takes over the rest of the world.

Georgina Willmore

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