Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Wanted

Me and my friend went to the view at 9pm to set up our tent for the night and obviously we were first online so we were feeling pretty confident. The next morning they gave out the standby numbers and after awhile the producers came out telling us that they had no more room left and no standbys could get in. Thats when me and my friend lost it and cried in his face. We begged him to at least tell the boys we were there all night. He said he will talk to people and see what he can do and he will be back out in a little bit. Me and my friend weren't going ANYWHERE! One of our friends won tickets and were already inside so whenever she would tell them to let us in. She was texting me telling me all the directors and producers were talking and trying to see if they could let us in. After about 45min he came back out and he said that because we were there for so long he would let us in. And then the happy tears came! Me and my friend couldnt control the tears and I think it was because we were so sleep deprived. We get in the elevator and make our way to the lounge where all the fans for the performance are staying and once we walk out of the elevator Scooter Braun was there! So i was like "Scooter! We were here for 13 hours" he was like "wow thats amazing I'm so happy you girls got in" Then we saw our friends who were fighting for us to get in and I couldn't thank them enough! We then continued to talk to Scooter about the EP and the Chasing the Sun video which were both AMAZING! Scooter left and in 5 minutes came back with all of the boys except Tom idk where he was. We talked to Max first and he was amazed that he slept out for him and apologized we didn't get in sooner which I thought was so cute and he also remembered us as the 24HourGirls who slept outside the Paramount! Than I was talking to Jay and he engulfed me in a huge hug because he heard we were outside all night. Then we went over to Siva and we told him how we were outside all night and he offered to carry my bag..such a gentlemen and i was like of course not! and he gabbed my face and was like "Oh my God you look so tired! Im so happy you girls got in!" and gave us the biggest hug! Last we were talking to Nathan and I told him how we slept outside in a tent and he gave me the BIGGEST hug in the world and I'm not sure why but I started crying again and I was like " they weren't going to let us in but they finally did" and he was like "I'm so happy you girls got in I'm so sorry you weren't in sooner but your here now" as he's giving me a big huge rocking me back and fourth. They than had to leave and we were now waiting for them to bring us to where they were going to perform. About a half hour later they told us to line up because they were going to bring us in. We were waiting by the elevators because they were right near the studio doors and the elevators opened and out comes The Wanted! I was like "oh hey!" they came by and highfived everyone so i was like "NATHAN! hand hug:)" and he was just like "thats weird" lmfao oh well. Then Tom saw us and he was like "24 HOUR GIRLS!" DEEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD THEY KNOW WHO WE ARE THEY ACTUALLY KNOW US!!! Than they brought us by the stage and I was front and center so if you watched it you probably saw me! lmfao Max was smiling at me t because I had the biggest smile on my face! Also during Nathans solo he held my hand DEAD! After the performance which was AMAZING! We were walking back to the lounge we were in before and as we past the elevators once again the boys are walking out! So we told them to come in the room again to hang out and they did! We only had 5 minutes with them but I will take what I can get! We first were talking to Tom and he was saying how happy he was that we got in and i took a picture with him and he gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek<3 Then we were talking to Siva again and he was like "you girls need to go home and sleep after this because you are probably exasuthed!" Ugh he so perfect! So we took a pic with them and than everyone was talking to Max so we just took a quick picture with him because we wanted to get to Nath and Jay before they left. So we went to Nath and we were talking about how we were front row for their show in Long Island because we camped out 24 hours and he was like "really! well thats not fair!" and then we told him how we almost got trampled and he said "omg thats insane and you girls do know you don't have to camp out you can just come right?" were like "obviously but we want front row" and he laughed and we took a picture. Lastly was Jay and he was the one who tweeted my friend he would follower if she actually camped out so when we went to him she's like " i hope you didn't forget my follow!" and he's like of course now "here right your twitter on my arm and draw a tent under it!" so she wrote my twitter and hers and drew the tent but he said that was the worst tent he has ever seen so he fixed it and he also said if he can't find my twitter for her to DM him to follow me!! We then took pictures with him and they had to leave. A few minutes later they escorted us out of the view and it was safe to say it was the best day of my life! Also Jay tweet my friend Toni thanking us for coming to the view and she DMed him my name but I'm still waiting on my follow lmfao! not sure but I hope I got everything! OH! and Jay remembered my Panda iPhone case from when i met them at the airport <3 Jay has also talked about me and my friend in one of the Wanted Wednesday videos !!

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