Friday, 6 July 2012

One Direction

Hi! My name is Jessica and I'm 15 years old, a directioner from New York City. I remember when I heard via twitter that One Direction was scheduled to do a performance for the Today Show in New York City, I absolutely flipped out and was so overwhelmed over the news and since this was there first time coming to the states and to where I live, I couldn't get over it and I had took the opportunity to go watch them perform in a heartbeat. I didn't even question it , immediately , without a second thought I said 'I'm going to camp out to be the first and get the best spot to see them perform' as if it wasn't even an option. So I got ready, packed all my things to camp out. Their performance actually wasn't until March, 12. But I was planning far ahead and determined to have the best spot and arrive a few days in advance for the best view in concert. I started camping out on March , 10 in the evening, 2 days in advance. I managed to make the second person on the line , which was an unbelievably huge accomplishment I was proud of. So I spent 2 days, listening to music, sleeping, eating, passing the times in my daydreams on the streets and sidewalks of new york anxiously awaiting March, 12, the day where I finally get to watch my idols perform. I was honestly only expecting to see them perform, but what happened next exceeded all my expectations. I always do anything it takes and put all my effort into making my dreams a reality, it actually paid off without me even expecting or anticipating what was going to happen next, I genuinely had no idea, not a clue, that my dream was about to come true. I didn't see it coming, at all. The second day of camping out on March , 11 is when everything occured. There still wasn't too many people lined up and camping out just yet, probably around 30 or so, but obviously the line had gotton noticeably larger. Around 1:00pm in the afternoon, I was distracted, sitting on the concrete floor in a blanket,  browsing the internet on my iphone. Suddenly , a large black van with tinted glass pulls up in front of the sidewalk directly in front of me and security crowds around the van and says 'They're here!' , suddenly, I feel my heart drop to my stomach and my hands begin to shake because I could feel them arriving. It was honestly such a surprise that nobody saw coming at all, it was a well kept secret and it's amazing I didn't pass out due to the amount of excitement and overwhelming thoughts swirling in my brain at that moment. They were literally right in front of me. so I stand up and grab my camera to capture this moment, a dream about to come true. And a few seconds later, the five most flawless and perfect human beings slowly begin walking directly towards me and they manage to make direct eye contact with me! It's honestly so shocking to think I managed to survive past the glorious, miraculous, unexpected moment. Louis shouts 'WE BRING FOOD!' and Niall whispers and giggles 'foooood, we bring!' . They actually even brought us snacks, sunchips, and granola bars we could munch on while we're camping out, That was just so unbelieveably thoughtful of them . They personally gave us snacks and I had a bit of a moment with each of the boys and it was very special. I got to each of them individually, get a picture with each of them , and also thank them all for being so flawless. I adored the fact that  I had such a rare opportunity to meet the boys so calmy, instead of them being rushed . It was so sweet and they had a personal connection with each of the fans invidually. I doubt any other celebrity cares so deeply about their fans to hand-deliver them snacks to make sure they survive the night of camping. They are all incredible and have such big hearts, they're down to earth and humble and it felt as if they were my friends I knew for a long time instead of meeting somebody famous.  I'm blessed and I couldn't have possibly asked for a better experience. It was a dream come true. 

My twitter is @xojessicatorres

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