Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pixie Lott

On May 30th 2012, I knew that Pixie would be going to do the launch of the Galaxy s3 phone at Westfield in stratford. I begged my mum to let me off school as it would be my first time meeting her. She kept on saying no. I was so upset that this could be my only chance. But our hairdresser is a miracle worker and convinced my mum to let me go! 

There was one problem, who would i go with at such late notice? I called friends but they were already at school. So i decided to go on my own, my step-dad dropped me off at the train station and off i went. I was so excited, i felt like i was about to pass out. You see i am a HUGE crazycat and have been since Pixie Lott first came around! 

Anyway, as i stood in the shop waiting anxiously she appeared through the door, i burst into tears as she smiled at me! 
She came over and i asked for a picture with her and for her to sign my phone and my CD case. She did so, and then i gave her a little gift (a red necklace) which she loved, and a letter!
I was seriously passing out standing there. It felt like a dream and that it wasnt happening. 

Then i looked over by the door and Oliver Cheshire was there, wow, isn't he a hottie. Bevsterr (Pixie's mum) was also there. But i went over and asked Oli for a picture and he was so down to earth joking around saying it was his day off. Pixie and Oli are the most amazing people ever! 

~~Chloe Wiltshire~~
~~Crazycat forever~~


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